• Advice Woman sneezing
    Tuberculosis in Schools

    This briefing gives information about tuberculosis (TB) and steps to be taken when cases arise in schools among students or teachers.

  • Advice pregnant woman filling in notebook
    Medical Reports

    Some of the most common issues arising in relation to medical reports prepared by GPs, occupational health physicians and other health professionals on behalf of employers, pension scheme trustees and health insurers.

  • School building
    Vermin and pest control

    This briefing lists the most common sorts of school infestation, together with control measures that should be in place in all schools.

  • Advice Female teacher in informal meeting
    Health enquiries and applicants for work

    This guidance is intended to clarify the circumstances in which existing and prospective employers are entitled to make enquiries about a worker’s health and dispel some of the myths which may give rise to discriminatory practice.

  • Advice Sickle cell anemia
    Sickle cell and thalassaemia

    Advice for school staff to support the uninterrupted education of children with sickle cell disorder and thalassaemia.

  • Advice Meningococcal meningitis, cerebrospinal fluid smear
    Meningitis in schools

    Information about meningitis and what should be done when an outbreak occur in a school.

  • Advice Viruses infecting neurons
    Infectious diseases in schools

    General advice about how to manage cases of infectious illness in schools, including when children should be absent.

  • Advice Hand washing
    Hygiene control in schools

    Advice on the appropriate hygiene procedures for schools which will help to prevent the spread of blood-borne viruses such as HIV and hepatitis A, B and C, and conditions such as dysentery.

  • Advice Girl being vaccinated
    Hepatitis in schools

    Advice on what precautions to take when a case of viral hepatitis arises in a school or where a known carrier of the disease is a pupil in the school.

  • Advice Head Lice Treatment
    Head lice in schools

    How to tackle the problem of head lice in schools, including facts about head lice and head lice treatment

  • Advice Child with epilepsy having a seizure
    Epilepsy in schools

    Advice on how to deal with epilepsy and seizures in schools, including how to recognise when a pupil might be having a seizure.

  • Advice Boy with inhaler after sports
    Asthma in Schools

    Guidance on what asthma is, what can trigger it, and how to support pupils at risk

  • Advice diabetes
    Diabetes in schools

    Information and guidance for school staff to support the uninterrupted education of children with diabetes.