General Meeting of the
Barnet District of the National Education Union

incorporating the Meetings of the Branch for Barnet State Funded Schools and the Branch for Independent Fee Paying Schools

Date: Thursday 4th March
Time: 5:30
Location: Zoom
Registration link : click here


  • Order to be decided by Chair
  • Welcome and Apologises
  • Previous Minutes and Matters Arising
  • Correspondence
  • District and Branch Committees
  • Amendments to motions - None received so far.
  • Nominations for Executive with a brief introduction from Stefan Simms, National Executive, who will explain about the executive as well as seek nominations for his slate (I believe the only ones standing).
    There is a request to nominate for the support staff seat and three people have requested nominations
  • Motion - to support Tracy Maguire's campaign against dismissal. Proposed by David Ball
  • Trade Disputes in Barnet (brief reports including agreement to send messages of support)
  • Officer wishing to report.
  • Covid-19 and full re-opening of schools.
  • Any other business

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