General Meeting of the Barnet District of the National Education Union

incorporating the Meetings of the Branch for Barnet State Funded Schools and the Branch for Independent Fee Paying Schools

Date: Thursday 11th February
Time: 5:00
Location: Zoom
Registration link : click here


Order to be decided by Chair

Welcome and Apologises
Previous Minutes and Matters Arising
Conference Delegates (vote to be taken):

  • David Ball
  • Peter Block
  • Margaret Boyle
  • Bahir Laattoe
  • Keith Nason
  • Marina Robb
  • Zeenat Syed

Officers - Urgent Reports
Opening nominations for District and Branch Committees 2021-2022.
Nominations for DGS and Executive Elections.
Branch Items (including Covid-19):

  • State Funded Schools
  • Independent Fee Paying Schools

Motion by David Ball - Cleaning and Kitchen Staff (see attachment)
Any other Business, Questions or Discussions

Guest Speaker: Dr Tamara Djuretic, Director of Public Health and Prevention, London Borough of Barnet

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