Our candidate pledge is now closed. Thank you to all the council candidates who signed it.
If you missed signing, you can still join the NEU councillors network: www.neu.org.uk/cllrs

If elected on 2nd May 2019 I will speak out for schools in my ward by calling on the Government to reverse the cuts to education budgets in my local authority. With SEND funding alone facing a national shortfall of £1.2 billion since 2015, we cannot afford to allow this crisis in education funding to continue.

Children and young people only get one chance at school and deserve the very best start in life. I am calling on the Chancellor and the Secretary of State for Education to take urgent action to reverse the cuts and invest in this and future generations of young people.

Nearly 700 Councillors have signed our pledge. See below if your council candidate was one of them:

  • Adur and Worthing

    Sally Smith (Labour)

  • Amber Valley Borough Council

    Fay Atkinson (Labour)

    John Porter (Labour)

  • Ashfield District Council

    Isn Motrison (Labour)

    Ruth Stevens (Labour)

    Cheryl Butler (Labour)

    Nathanal Mason (Labour)

    Kier Morrison (Labour)

    John Wilkinson (Labour)

    Louise Cooke (Labour)

    Lauren Mitchell (Labour)

    Alice Grice (Labour)

    Damian Darby (Labour)

  • Ashford Borough Council

    Sally Gathern (Labour)

  • Avon

    Jon Williams (Liberal Democrat)

  • Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

    Angel Waller (Socialist Alternative)

  • Barrow Borough Council

    Mai Harrison (Labour)

    Alec Proffitt (Labour)

    Hayley Preston (Labour)

    Derek Brook (Labour)

    Iain Mooney (Labour)

    Shaun Blezard (Labour)

    Jainu Benson (Labour)

    Beverley Morgan (Labour)

    Andrew Mooney (Labour)

    Ann Thomson (Labour)

    William McEwan (Labour)

    Steve Nott (Labour)

    Anthony Callister (Labour)

  • Barrow-in-Furness Borough Council

    Debra Seward (Labour)

    Anne Burns (Labour)

    Robert Elliot (Labour)

    Wendy Maddox (Labour)

    Steven Herbert (Labour)

  • Bath & North East Somerset Council

    Joanna Wright (Liberal Democrat)

    Fflyff McLaren (Labour)

    Liz Hardman (Labour)

    Dave Biddleston (Labour)

    Jane Samso (Labour)

    Steve Hedges (Liberal Democrat)

    Kevin Guy (Liberal Democrat)

    Robin Moss (Labour)

    Neil Butters (Liberal Democrat)

    Evan Rudowski (Independent)

    Fay Whitfield (Green)

    Brad Baines (Labour & Co-op)

    Ruth Malloy (Liberal Democrat)

    Mark Roper (Liberal Democrat)

    Dom Tristram (Green)

    Toby Simon (Liberal Democrat)

    Michello O'Doherty (Liberal Democrat)

    Joel Hirst (Liberal Democrat)

    Sarah Warren (Liberal Democrat)

    Sue Craig (Liberal Democrat)

    Sam Campling (Liberal Democrat)

    Mark Elliott (Liberal Democrat)

    Matt McCabe (Liberal Democrat)

    Ashley Lewis (Labour)

    Rob Appleyard (Liberal Democrat)

    Jonathan Wallcroft (Labour)

    Chris Dando (Labour & Co-op)

    Shaun Stephenson-McGall (Liberal Democrat)

    Sarah Moore (Liberal Democrat)

    Jonathan Adcock (Liberal Democrat)

  • Bedford

    Ben Foley (Green)

  • Belper Town Council

    Rosemary Hale (Labour)

    Carol Angharad (Labour)

    Emma Monkman (Labour)

    Jyoti Wilkinson (Labour)

    Ruth Bellamy (Labour)

  • Beverley Town

    Chloe Hopkins (Labour)

  • Blackburn with Darwen

    Jude Rowley (Labour & Co-op)

  • Blackpool Borough Council

    Kendrick Fowler (Labour)

    Carl Webb (Labour)

    Robert Dewick (Labour)

    Portia Owen (Labour)

    Kathryn Benson (Labour)

    Joanne Farrell (Labour)

    Jane Hugo (Labour)

    Gillian Campbell (Labour)

    Paula Burdess (Labour)

    Martin Mitchell (Labour)

    Chris Ryan (Labour)

  • Bolton

    Rod Riesco (Green)

    Stephen Pickup (Labour)

    Wendy Shepherd (Green)

    Alan Johnson (Green)

    Keith Cocker (Green)

  • Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole

    Joanne Oldale (Labour)

  • Bracknell Forest Borough Council

    Jonathon Monger (Labour)

    Lara Johnson (Labour)

    Danielle Turner (Labour)

    Thomas Parker (Liberal Democrat)

    Nikola Mansfield (Labour)

    Suki Hayes (Conservative)

    Naheed Ejaz (Labour)

  • Bradford

    Ros Brown (Green)

    Margaret Alipoor (Labour)

    Stephen Blundell (Labour)

    Ralph Berry (Labour)

  • Bradley Stoke North

    Ian Joseph (Liberal Democrat)

  • Breckland

    Kendra Cogman (Labour)

  • Brentwood Borough Council

    Susan Kortlandt (Labour)

  • Bridgwater Town Council

    Gary Tucker (Labour)

  • Brighton and Hove City Council

    Poppy Burt (Labour & Co-op)

    Birgit Miller (Labour)

    Nicholas Childs (Labour)

    John Hewitt (Labour)

    Kevin Thomas (Labour)

    Julie Cattrell (Labour)

    David Wilson (Labour)

    Darryl Telles (Labour)

    Daniel Simmonds (Labour)

    Gary Wilkinson (Labour)

  • Bristol

    Mark Hattersley (Labour)

  • Broadland District Council

    Sue Wright (Labour)

    Sarah Taylor (Labour)

    Natasha Harpley (Labour)

  • Bromsgrove District Council

    Brenda Henderson (Labour)

    Amy Thompson-Lancaster (Labour)

    Harrison Rone-Clarke (Labour)

    Rory Shannon (Labour & Co-op)

  • Bury

    Gavin McGill (Labour)

    Clare Cummins (Labour)

  • Calderdale

    Paul Clarke (Labour)

    Mik Barnes (Labour)

  • Cambridge City Council

    Mike Davey (Labour)

    Alex Collis (Labour)

    Kevin Price (Labour)

    Haf Davies (Labour)

    Gerri Burd (Labour)

  • Canterbury City Council

    Ben Hickman (Labour)

    John Walder (Labour)

    Mel Dawkins (Labour)

    Helen Kirk (Labour)

    Gilbert House (Labour)

    Clare Connerton (Labour)

    Morag Warren (Labour)

    Alan Baldock (Labour & Co-op)

    Luke Sullivan (Labour)

    Connie Nolan (Labour)

  • Carlisle

    Louise Atkinson (Labour)

  • Central Bedfordshire Council

    Dan Toinko (Labour)

    Fiona Factor (Labour)

    Rhiannon Meades (Labour)

    Karl Bruckdorfer (Labour)

    Nick Andrews (Labour)

    Julian Vaughan (Labour)

  • Charnwood Borough Council

    Emma Ward (Labour)

    Lyndsey Derbyshire (Labour)

    Paul Boldrin (Labour)

  • Cheshire East

    John Knight (Green)

    Michelle Boath (Liberal Democrat)

    Joe Godden (Labour & Co-op)

  • Cheshire West & Chester

    Trish Richards (Labour)

    Sheila Little (Labour)

  • Chesterfield Borough Council

    Barry Dyke (Labour)

    Lisa Collins (Labour)

  • Chiltern District Council

    Nick Valentine (Liberal Democrat)

  • City of Sunderland

    Helmut Izaks (Green)

    Robert Welsh (Green)

  • City of York Council

    George Norman (Labour)

    Bob Webb (Labour)

    Jonny Crawshaw (Labour)

    Fiona Fitzpatrick (Labour)

    Nigel Smith (Independent)

    Claire Douglas (Labour)

    Michael Pavlovic (Labour & Co-op)

    David Heaton (Labour)

    Rebecca Fewtrell (Labour)

    Louise Corson (Labour)

    Dave Marrett (Labour)

    janet Looker (Labour)

    Anna Perrett (Labour)

    Pete Kilbane (Labour)

    Chloe Anderson (Labour)

  • Colchester Borough Council

    Elisa Vasquez-Walters (Labour)

    Mark Kiley (Liberal Democrat)

    Chantelle Whyborn (Liberal Democrat)

    Mark Cory (Liberal Democrat)

  • Copeland Borough Council

    Wammo Walmsley (Independent)

  • Crawley Borough Council

    Daniel Dobson (Labour)

    Kiran Khan (Labour)

  • Crewe Town Council

    Paul Howes (Labour)

  • Dacorum Borough Council

    Samidha Garg (Labour)

  • Darlington Borough Council

    Mike McTimoney (Green)

    Martin Wood (Green)

    Louise Maddison (Green)

    Anna-Maria Thain (Green)

    Bryony Holroyd (Green)

    Jonathan Barley (Green)

    Lucy Chapman (Green)

    Matthew Snedker (Green)

    Richard Lawley (Green)

    Michael Chapman (Green)

    Richard Wise (Green)

  • Dartford Borough Council

    Kelly Grehan (Labour)

    Joe Yusef (Labour)

    Laura Edie (Labour)

    Mauro Orru (Labour)

    Natalie Boorman (Labour)

    Kyle Marsh (Liberal Democrat)

    Rachael Martin-Smith (Labour)

  • Derby City Council

    Joanna West (Labour & Co-op)

  • Dorset Council

    Jules Daulby (Labour)

  • Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

    Cat Eccles (Labour)

  • Duffield Parish Council

    Patrick Mountain (Labour)

    Marks Spilsbury (Labour)

  • Durham County Council

    Samantha Townsend (Labour)

  • Eastbourne Borough Council

    Jill Shacklock (Labour)

    Gillian Poole (Labour)

    Graham Dean (Labour)

    Farol Pernet (Labour)

    Jake Lambert (Labour)

    Dave Brinson (Labour & Co-op)

    David Bishop (Labour)

    Paul Richards (Labour)

    Margaret Robinson (Labour)

    Louis Thorburn (Labour)

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council

    Michael Adamson (Labour)

    Mike Whitley (Labour)

    George McManus (Labour)

    Julia Marten (Labour)

    Colin Stoneman (Labour)

    Catherine Minnis (Labour)

    Barrie Green (Labour)

    Margaret Pinder (Labour)

    Linda Johnson (Liberal Democrat)

    Clare Wildey (Labour)

    Daniel Vulliamy (Labour)

    Shelagh Finlay (Labour)

    Chay Bell (Labour)

    Janey Davis (Labour)

  • East Staffordshire Borough Council

    Phillippa Saddington (Labour)

  • East Suffolk

    Keith Patience (Labour)

  • Erewash Borough Council

    Diane Fletcher (Labour)

  • ERYC

    Jan Blyton (Labour)

  • Exeter City Council

    Melanie Shaw (Green)

    Andrew Bell (Green)

  • Fenland District

    Martin Field (Labour)

  • Folkestone & Hythe

    Michelle Dorrell (Labour)

  • Gateshead Council

    Chris McHugh (Labour & Co-op)

    Calvin Lawson (Labour)

  • Gedling Borough Council

    Michael Boyle (Labour)

    Adam Huckerby (Labour)

  • Gravesham

    Rob Halpin (Labour)

  • High Peak Borough Council

    Edward Siddell (Labour)

    Anne Clarke (Labour & Co-op)

    Ed Kelly (Labour)

    Rob Baker (Labour)

    Alan Barrow (Labour)

    Lance Dowson (Labour & Co-op)

    Ollie Cross (Labour)

    Damien Greenhalgh (Labour)

    Anthony Mckeown (Labour & Co-op)

    Stewart Gardner (Labour)

    Caitlin Bisknell (Labour)

    Rachael Quinn (Labour)

    Rachel Abbotts (Labour)

    Ray Collins (Labour)

  • Holmes Chapel

    Diane Tams (Independent)

  • Horsham District Council

    Frances Haigh (Liberal Democrat)

  • Hull City Council

    Amber Goodwin (Labour)

    Paul Drake-Davis (Liberal Democrat)

  • Keighley

    Samantha Cooper (Labour)

  • Kingston-Upon-Hull

    John Sweeney (Liberal Democrat)

    Mark Ieronimo (Liberal Democrat)

  • Kirklees

    John Heneghan (Labour)

  • Lancaster City Council

    Callum Henry (Labour)

    Jean Parr (Labour)

    Linda Prue (Labour)

    Faye Penny (Labour)

    Emma Corless (Labour)

    Jason Wood (Labour)

    Joanne Ainscough (Labour & Co-op)

    Erica Lewis (Labour)

    Lisa Corkerry (Labour)

    Oliver Robinson (Labour)

    Peter Cakebread (Labour)

    Jack O'Dwyer-Henry (Labour)

    Shaun Corkerry (Labour)

    Becca Snow (Labour)

    Alistair Sinclair (Labour)

    Claire Cozler (Labour)

    Katie Whearty (Labour)

    Darren Clifford (Labour)

    Tom Sutton (Liberal Democrat)

    Jake Perkins (Liberal Democrat)

  • Leeds

    Iain Dalton (Independent)

    Mirelle Midgley (Labour)

  • Leicester City Council

    Sarah Read (Green)

    Drew Walton (Socialist Alternative)

    Pete Bisson (Socialist Alternative)

    Chris Williams (Green)

    Steve Score (Socialist Alternative)

    Caroline Vincent (Socialist Alternative)

    Franklin O'Riordan (Socialist Alternative)

    Tessa Warrington (Socialist Alternative)

    Alexander Morgan (Socialist Alternative)

    Darren Baxter (Socialist Alternative)

    Satinder Toor (Socialist Alternative)

    Sofia Wiking (Socialist Alternative)

    Nitesh Dave (Liberal Democrat)

  • Lewes District

    Kevi West (Liberal Democrat)

    Steve Floor (Labour)

    Paul Grivell (Labour)

  • Liverpool City Council

    Sarah Mortom (Labour)

    Abdul Basit (Labour)

    Alice Bennett (Labour)

    Sam Gorst (Labour)

    Frazer Lake (Labour)

    Jeremy Wolfson (Labour)

    Lena Simic (Labour)

  • Loughborough

    Tim Clamp (Labour)

  • Luton Borough Council

    Amy Nicholls (Labour)

  • Maidstone Borough Council

    Richard Neill (Labour)

    Barbara Neill (Labour)

  • Manchester City Council

    Kobe Bibbon (Liberal Democrat)

    John Bridges (Liberal Democrat)

    April Preston (Liberal Democrat)

    Jamie Dwan (Liberal Democrat)

  • Mansfield District Council

    Hayley Dallman (Labour)

    Christopher Williams (Labour)

  • Medway Council

    Vince Maple (Labour)

    Harinder Mahil (Labour)

    Clive Johnson (Labour & Co-op)

    Joanne Howcroft-Scott (Labour & Co-op)

    Lia Mandaracas (Labour)

    Paul O'Neill (Liberal Democrat)

    Alan Collins (Liberal Democrat)

    Dan McDonald (Labour)

    Andrew Stamp (Labour & Co-op)

    Robert Taylor (Labour)

    Nicholas Bowler (Labour)

    Ravinder Jassal (Labour)

    John Castle (Liberal Democrat)

    Simon Curry (Labour)

    Siju Adeoye (Labour)

    Naushabah Khan (Labour)

    Adam Price (Labour & Co-op)

    Alex Paterson (Labour & Co-op)

    Alan Jefferies (Liberal Democrat)

    Pat Cooper (Labour & Co-op)

  • Mid Devon District Council

    Les Cruwys (Liberal Democrat)

  • Middlesbrough

    Lee Garvey (Independent)

    Ian Blades (Labour)

    Philippa Storey (Labour)

    Theodore Furness (Labour)

    Edward Clynch (Labour)

    Stefan Walker (Labour)

    Craig Wright (Labour)

    Eddie Drydan (Labour)

    Rahana Islam (Labour)

    Daniel Kerr (Labour)

    Emma Albertt (Labour)

    Alexandra Law (Labour)

    Donna Jones (Independent)

    Brain Hubbard (Independent)

  • Milton Keynes

    Paul Williams (Labour)

  • Morecambe Town Council

    Paul Adamson (Labour)

  • Newark and Sherwood district council

    Lee Brazier (Labour)

    Jeremy Taylor (Labour)

  • Newark Town

    Jane Olson (Labour)

  • Newcastle City Council

    Clare Andrews (Green)

    Nick Hartley (Green)

    Anna Foster (Green)

    Veronica Dunn (Labour)

    Taymar Pitman (Green)

    Rachel Dunfield (Green)

    James Milne (Green)

    Alistair Ford (Green)

  • North Devon

    Graham Lofthouse (Liberal Democrat)

  • North East Derbyshire

    David Landall (Labour)

  • North Hertfordshire District Council

    Yusef Mayet (Labour)

    Kay Tart (Labour & Co-op)

    David De Smet (Labour & Co-op)

    Adem Ruggiero-Cakir (Labour & Co-op)

  • North Norfolk

    Callum Ringer (Independent)

  • North Somerset District Council

    Rebecca Ohl (Labour)

    Denise Hunt (Labour)

    Tim Taylor (Labour)

    Valerie Donegan (Labour)

    Hilary Coombes (Labour)

    Neil Norton (Labour)

    Holly Law (Labour)

    Cathy Drew (Labour)

    Dawn Parry (Labour)

    Annie Higgs (Labour & Co-op)

    Catherine Gibbons (Labour)

    Brigitte Nowers (Labour)

  • North Warwickshire Borough Council

    Claire Breeze (Labour & Co-op)

    Martin Short (Labour & Co-op)

    Jack Deakin (Labour & Co-op)

    Finlay Wood (Labour & Co-op)

  • Northumberland

    Leslie Bowman (Labour)

  • Norwich City Council

    Joanna Smith (Labour)

    Matthew Fulton-McAlister (Labour & Co-op)

    Emma Hampton (Labour)

    Laura McCartney-Gray (Labour)

    Erin Fulton-McAlister (Labour)

    Karen Davis (Labour)

  • Nottingham City Council

    Phil Jackson (Labour)

    Phil Spear (Labour)

    Wendy Smith (Labour)

    Steve Battlemuch (Labour)

    Cate Woodward (Labour)

    Audrey Dinnall (Labour)

    Chantal Lee (Labour)

    David Mellen (Labour)

    Audra Wynter (Labour)

    Nick Raine (Labour)

    Lauren O'Grady (Labour)

    Neghat Kahn (Labour)

    Jawaid Khalil (Labour)

    Maria Joannou (Labour)

    Maria Claire Fawcett (Labour)

    Jay Hayes (Labour)

    David Trimble (Labour)

  • Plymouth City

    Sarah Allen (Labour)

    Liz Nicholls (Labour)

  • Portsmouth City Council

    Yahiya Chowdhury (Labour)

    Trevor Morgan (Labour)

    David Boxall (Labour)

    Rebecca Light (Labour)

    Judith Smyth (Labour)

    Charlotte Gerada (Labour)

    Dave Ashmore (Liberal Democrat)

  • Reigate and Banstead

    Janine Baker (Labour)

    Jon Pepper (Labour)

  • Ribble Valley Borough Council

    Karen Gallagher (Conservative)

  • Richmondshire

    Ken Smith (Labour)

  • Rochester and Strood

    Meenatchi Gopal (Labour)

  • Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

    Adam Bermange (Liberal Democrat)

  • Runnymede

    Benjamin Smith (Green)

  • Rushcliffe Borough Council

    Jennnifer Walker (Labour)

    Ricky Coxon (Labour)

    Jennifer Murray (Labour)

    Julie Chaplain (Labour)

    Benjamin Gray (Labour)

  • St Albans Dictrict Council

    Neill Sankey (Labour)

  • Salford City Council

    Mike Pevitt (Labour)

    Sharmina August (Labour)

  • Sedgemoor District

    Leigh Redman (Labour)

  • Selby

    Lisa Quarmby (Labour)

    David Leake (Labour)

  • Severn Vale

    Marion Reeve (Liberal Democrat)

  • Sheffield City Council

    Alistair Tice (Independent)

    Tim Huggan (Liberal Democrat)

    Craig Gamble Pugh (Labour & Co-op)

    Nadia Jama (Labour & Co-op)

    Ruth Milsom (Labour)

    George Linders-Hammond (Labour)

  • Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

    Mark Wilson (Green)

    Marcus Brain (Labour)

    Kathryn Thomas (Liberal Democrat)

    Lee Skinner (Labour & Co-op)

    Michael Carthew (Liberal Democrat)

    Bradley Tucker (Liberal Democrat)

    Gayle Monk (Liberal Democrat)

    Reece Colley (Liberal Democrat)

    Antony Rogers (Liberal Democrat)

    Paul Fairburn (Liberal Democrat)

    Peter Davies (Liberal Democrat)

    Bruce Stone (Liberal Democrat)

    Rosemary Sexton (Green)

    Steve Caudwell (Green)

    Kevin Round (Labour)

    James Edwardson (Liberal Democrat)

    Hazel Dawkins (Labour)

  • Somerset

    Melissa Whittaker (Independent)

  • South Gloucestershire District Council

    Adam Monk (Labour)

    Sadik Al-Hassan (Labour)

    Louise Harris (Liberal Democrat)

    Andrea Reid (Labour)

    Jenny Vernon (Green)

    Phillipa Gibbs (Labour)

    Peter Bruce (Liberal Democrat)

    Jennifer James (Labour & Co-op)

    Murali Thoppil (Green)

    Matt Palmer (Labour)

    Jack Cox (Green)

    Alexander Ackerman (Labour)

    Dayley Lawrence (Labour)

    Ravi Vinjamuri (Labour)

    Tristan Clark (Liberal Democrat)

    Paul Sayers (Liberal Democrat)

    Peter Coley (Liberal Democrat)

    James Arrowsmith (Liberal Democrat)

    Lindsay Gough (Liberal Democrat)

    Matt Stringer (Liberal Democrat)

    Philippa Marsden (Liberal Democrat)

    Tony Davis (Liberal Democrat)

    Andy Daer (Liberal Democrat)

    Jonathan Kent (Labour)

    Alison Evans (Labour)

    Tom Meadowcroft (Green)

    Barry West (Labour)

    Tony Williams (Liberal Democrat)

    Fabrizio Fazzino (Labour & Co-op)

    Jon Lean (Liberal Democrat)

    Ian Scott (Labour)

    Rowan Francis (Labour)

    Jonathan Maytham (Labour)

    Joseph Evans (Green)

  • South Hams District Council

    Laurel Ellis (Labour)

    Louise Webberley (Labour)

  • South Norfolk

    Dolores Ward (Labour)

  • South Oxfordshire District Council

    Chris Bertrand (Labour)

  • South Ribble Borough Council

    Ian Watkinson (Labour)

  • South Somerset District

    Oliva Darling-Finan (Labour)

  • South Swindon Parish Council

    Jane Milner-Barry (Labour)

  • South Tyneside Council

    David Herbert (Green)

    Nicola Usher (Green)

    Matthew Giles (Green)

    Stephen Peel (Green)

    Peter Bristol (Green)

    David Francis (Green)

    Sue Stonehouse (Green)

    Lesley Hanson (Green)

  • Southend on Sea Borough Council

    Reece Learmouth (Green)

    Simon Cross (Green)

    Denis Walker (Green)

    Fiona Clapperton (Green)

    Jon Mullett (Green)

    Julian Esposito (Green)

    Stephen Jordan (Green)

    Oliver Thorn (Green)

    Peter Walker (Green)

    James Vessey-Miller (Green)

    Vida Guildford (Green)

  • St Albans Dictrict Council

    Stephen Barrett (Liberal Democrat)

    Jon Hegerty (Labour)

    Emma Matanle (Liberal Democrat)

    Luz Needham (Liberal Democrat)

    Karen Young (Liberal Democrat)

  • St Helens

    Alex Graham (Labour)

  • Stevenage Borough Council

    David Wood (Labour & Co-op)

    John Gardner (Labour)

    Claire Parris (Labour & Co-op)

    Chris Webb (Labour & Co-op)

    Adrian Brown (Labour & Co-op)

  • Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

    Carolyn Leather (Green)

    Claire Vibert (Labour)

    Rachel Wise (Labour)

    Laura Clingan (Labour)

    Holly McCormack (Labour)

    Dana Ryness (Labour)

  • Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council

    Charlotte Hall (Labour)

  • Stratford upon Avon

    Anthony Kent (Labour)

  • Sunderland City Council

    Emma Robson (Green)

    Neil Shaplin (Green)

    Rachel Featherstone (Green)

    Richard Bradley (Green)

    June Bradley (Green)

    Dom Armstrong (Green)

    Billy Howells (Green)

    Gary Ogle (Green)

    Michal Chantowski (Green)

  • Surrey Heath Borough Council

    Peter Barnett (Green)

  • Swale Borough Council

    Jenny Reeves (Labour)

    Gareth Reeves (Labour)

    Jannifer Hamilton (Labour)

  • Swindon Borough Council

    Carol Shelley (Labour)

    Kate Linnegar (Labour & Co-op)

    Jamie Taylor (Liberal Democrat)

    Malcolm Salmon (Liberal Democrat)

    Peter Oliver (Liberal Democrat)

    Bazil Solomon (Labour & Co-op)

    Peter Bates (Labour)

    Trish Philpot (Labour & Co-op)

    Emma Bushell (Labour & Co-op)

    Ravikumar Venkatesh (Labour)

    Neil Hopkins (Labour)

    Raymond James (Liberal Democrat)

    Fraser McCormick (Liberal Democrat)

    Abdul Amin (Labour & Co-op)

    Michelle Horrobin (Liberal Democrat)

  • Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

    John Taylor (Labour)

    Hugh Roderick (Labour)

    Charlotte Martin (Labour)

    Jacqueline Owen (Labour)

    Jack Naylor (Labour)

    Lee Huntbach (Labour)

    Margaret Pattison (Labour)

  • Tamworth Borough Council

    Lisa Crane (Labour)

    Nicola Holmes (Green)

    Denise Bayley (Labour)

  • Telford & Wrekin Borough Council

    Shirley Reynolds (Labour)

    Gemma Offland (Labour)

  • Thanet District Council

    Helen Whitehead (Labour)

    Margaret Symonds (Labour)

    Mark Hopkinson (Labour)

    Fiona Crawford (Labour)

    Alan Currie (Labour)

    Karen Constantine (Labour)

  • Thornbury Town Council

    Pamela Shipp (Liberal Democrat)

  • Thurrock Council

    Jane Pothecary (Labour)

  • Tonbridge & Malling

    Steve Beadle (Labour)

    Omolola Oyewusi (Labour)

    Toni Beadle (Labour)

  • Torbay Council

    Julia Neal (Labour)

    Jermain Atiya-All (Liberal Democrat)

  • Torridge District Council

    Andrew Tithecott (Labour)

  • Trafford

    Karina Carter (Labour)

    Joe Ryan (Green)

    Rose Thompson (Labour)

    Serena Carr (Labour)

    Ben Hartley (Labour)

    Steven Longden (Labour)

    Mike Cordingly (Labour)

  • Vale of White Horse

    Neil Fawcett (Liberal Democrat)

  • Wareham Town Council

    Nicola McGee (Labour)

  • Wealden District Council

    Roanna Brewer (Liberal Democrat)

  • Wellington Town Council

    Patrick McCarthy (Green)

  • Welwyn Hatfield

    Stephen Roberts (Labour)

  • West Berkshire

    David Hancock (Labour)

    John Hannawin (Labour)

  • West Oxfordshire District Council

    Judith Wardle (Labour)

    Sue Richards (Labour)

    Dave Baldwin (Labour)

    Joy Aitman (Labour)

    Duncan Enright (Labour & Co-op)

    Gavin Hyatt (Labour)

    Luci Ashbourne (Labour & Co-op)

  • Weston Super Mare Town Council

    Chris Mayer (Labour)

  • Weston Town Council

    Keren Townsend (Labour)

  • Wigan

    Will Patterson (Green)

  • Wiltshire

    Toby Robson (Liberal Democrat)

  • Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

    Joshua Reynolds (Liberal Democrat)

  • Witney Town Council

    Stuart McCarroll (Labour)

  • Wokingham Borough Council

    Mike Cahill (Labour & Co-op)

    Ellen Nicholson (Liberal Democrat)

    Andrew Gray (Labour)

    Nick Fox (Labour)

    Peyman Jahromi (Labour)

    James Box (Labour)

    Shirley Boyt (Labour)

    Hari Sarasah (Labour)

    James Reid (Labour)

  • Wolverhampton

    Joshua Allerton (Socialist Alternative)

  • Woodley Town Council

    Dionne Sharpley-Grace (Labour)

    Roger Irish (Labour)

  • Worcester City Council

    James Linsey (Labour)

  • Worthing Borough Council

    Rosey Whorlow (Labour)

    Carl Walker (Labour)

    Emma Taylor (Labour)

    Jon Roser (Labour)

    Dawn Smith (Labour)

    Helen Silman (Labour)

    Samuel Baeza (Labour)

  • Wychavon District Council

    Nathan Griffiths (Labour)

    Sue Smith (Labour)

    Roslyn Gowers (Labour)

    Seth Pearson (Labour)

    Alan Humphries (Labour)

  • Wyre Borough

    Holly Swales (Labour)

  • Yate Town

    John Gawn (Liberal Democrat)