Here you can find LGBT+ and Pride events happening near you or host an event yourself.

Can’t find an event near you?

If you can’t find an event near you why don’t you host one? Contact for help, guidance and support.

Hosting your own event using this tool

Whether it’s a NEU LGBT+ Educators event or a presence at an external Pride event, you can use our event tool to host a public event page and RSVP form online. This tool also enables you to email those who have RSVP’d.

You’ll need an email address to set up an account and have full details of your event. We would also suggest a picture to upload so that your form shares effectively on social media.

You can start the process of hosting your own event by clicking here.

If you need more guidance on using the tool please email for help.

Ordering materials for LGBT+ activities and Pride events

Our 2019 Pride Season campaign is Inclusion not Exclusion, supporting LGBT+ Inclusion in education. Pride Crates are boxes of specially designed pieces of merchandise that are great at promoting our message of solidarity. If you want to order these, please ask your NEU District for agreement and authorisation first. NEU Officers can order via this pride materials order form.

Medium crates are £70 and Large crates £140.

Medium crate contents: 3 t-shirts, 20 flags, 70 whistles with lanyards, 1 banner, 20 placards, 500 campaign leaflets and 55 pencils.

Large crate contents: 6 t-shirts, 40 flags, 140 whistles with lanyards, 1 banner, 40 placards, 1000 campaign leaflets and 110 pencils.