NEU is the second largest union for leaders and managers across the entire education sector, including heads, deputy and assistant heads, business support managers in maintained, academy and free schools, further education, sixth form and adult education colleges; and managers in universities, training organisations and other areas of education.

School leaders and college managers are vital to the NEU. The quality of leadership in schools and management in colleges affects, in direct and indirect ways, the quality of other education professionals (teachers, lecturers and support staff) working lives.

School leaders are in a strong position to influence and implement policy – yet they are also under increasing pressure from an accountability agenda which makes intense and ill-informed demands upon them.

The NEU understands the complex, professional demanding work done by school leaders and college managers and offers advice that will assist them in finding their way through these difficulties.

The union sees the great value of supporting and helping to develop ethical leaders who recognise their colleagues’ professionalism and supports them in developing their careers.

Our advice on STPCD 2018

It’s vital that we keep up the pressure on Government to fund the 2018 pay rise in full and implement the full increases recommended by the STRB. Let us know about the impact this award has on your school by completing this survey. Find out more about our STRB 2019 submission and more. 

NEU754 - Pay letter to Heads

Joint advice from NEU, NAHT, ASCL, UCAC and Voice on the application of the 2018 School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document, including the adoption of pay scales and the application of individual pay increases.

Workload toolkit

Workload affects all teachers including senior school leaders. Thanks to your campaigning, the Government has published a workload reduction toolkit and written to all head teachers with advice on how to take action.  

Baseline testing

YouGov surveyed over 200 headteachers, deputy heads and primary school leaders to investigate their views on assessment in primary schools. 93% believe that the government should review the current system of standardised assessment. Watch heads and other primary school leaders give their views on standardised testing in primary schools and sign the petition.