Schools and colleges need to be effectively led by leaders and managers who are well supported and developed to meet and succeed in an immensely challenging education environment.

NEU is the second largest union for leaders and managers across the entire education sector, including heads, deputy and assistant heads, business support managers in maintained, academy and free schools, further education, sixth form and adult education colleges; and managers in universities, training organisations and other areas of education.

School leaders and college managers are vital to the NEU. The quality of leadership in schools and management in colleges affects, in direct and indirect ways, the quality of other education professionals (teachers, lecturers and support staff) working lives. 

School leaders are in a strong position to influence and implement policy – yet they are also under increasing pressure from an accountability agenda which makes intense and ill-informed demands upon them.

The NEU understands the complex, professional demanding work done by school leaders and college managers and offers advice that will assist them in finding their way through these difficulties. 

The union sees the great value of supporting and helping to develop ethical leaders who recognise their colleagues’ professionalism and supports them in developing their careers.

NEU leadership offer

As part of the NEU Leadership support and advice package you will have access to:

  • An annual conference for NEU leadership section members, offering all members the opportunity to make an input into the development of NEU policy and practice;
  • A regular journal for NEU leadership members which is focused on your professional interests and needs;
  • Bespoke CPD support for NEU leaders on issues and training needs which you have identified as important to your professional development;
  • NEU support and advice to leadership members in key professional issues (for example school and college re-organisations), continual development of ethical leadership policy, full casework support from NEU Adviceline, support from our experienced staff including a solicitor based in each region and Wales

Membership of NEU leadership

Previous AMiE and NUT members in leadership posts have been transfered to the NEU leadership membership.  Consideration will be given to other categories of members who want to transfer. NEU Leadership membership includes:

  • Headteacher/principal
  • Deputy headteacher/vice-principal
  • Head of centre/school/college (post-16)
  • Assistant headteacher/assistant principal
  • CEO/executive head/leader of a multi-academy trust
  • Director / assistant director of education
  • Business manager/bursar/FE manager/FE finance manager

We have produced frequently asked questions to help you with questions you may have about your membership. 

Get involved and vote in the indicative ballot

We know that being an education leader has never been tougher. The pressure to deliver a first-class education to learners in the midst of a recruitment and retention crisis and a funding crisis is proving more and more challenging. Added to that, is the Government's, as yet, unfulfilled promise to tackle workload which unsurprisingly has led to so many teachers quitting the profession.

There is also the divisive pay award that not only rewards leaders with a meagre 1.5% rise, but also hands you yet another near-impossible task - to fund the first 1% of the pay rise from your budget. 

All the reasons above are why we are asking our members including you, leaders, to hold meetings to discuss the funding crisis within your schools and colleges and to use your vote in the indicative ballot.