Ofsted is still blaming others for its own bias against disadvantaged schools

Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union (NEU), has commented on the speech by Ofsted chief inspector, Amanda Spielman, at the Festival of Education.

“Amanda Spielman appears to be flailing about, looking desperately for others to blame for Ofsted’s systematic bias against the schools which serve disadvantaged communities.

“Ofsted compounds the difficulties these schools face in recruiting teachers, particularly in shortage subjects like science and maths. For teachers and school leaders the stress of working in very challenging circumstances is worsened by the ever-present threat of an Ofsted inspection which is disproportionately likely to award them a failing grade.

“Even when these schools succeed, they are more likely to be placed in a lower grade than schools in the leafy suburbs which perform similarly.

“Ofsted cannot keep blaming others for its own failings. One in ten of its inspections do not meet its own quality control requirements.”


Press release
21 June 2018