NEU Cymru welcomes plan to cut classroom bureaucracy

Funding for a pilot scheme aimed at cutting bureaucracy for school leaders has been welcomed by the National Education Union Cymru.

Wales’s largest education union said the investment announced today by the Welsh Government is a positive step forward in tackling the stubborn workload concerns that have hindered the ability of those in schools to best serve their pupils. Keith Bowen, Wales Director at the National Education Union Cymru, said:

“This money is to be welcomed and shows that the Welsh Government and local authorities do recognise that action does need to be taken to tackle these workload concerns. 

“We know that head teachers and senior leadership teams in schools are increasingly finding that the administrational side of their roles are acting as obstacles to their ability to focus on educational objectives.  Hopefully this pilot will have a positive impact in freeing up more time for staff well-being and pupil support.

“Naturally this is a pilot scheme and so we will need to reflect on its results in time.  However if it proves a success it could potentially be rolled out across Wales as part of a range of initiatives we need to cut unnecessary workload.”


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Press release
14 September 2017