NEU comment on Liberal Democrats’ education proposals

Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, has commented on the Liberal Democrats’ education proposals for their spring conference this coming weekend.

She said:

“We congratulate the Liberal Democrats for seeing sense on the toxic nature of our current system of holding schools to account and announcing an ambitious vision for the future.

“SATs, Ofsted and school league tables have held our schools back: the curriculum has been hollowed out, teachers are exhausted with work that does not help children learn, and millions of pounds are wasted on a system that tells parents very little about how their local schools perform.

“The unintended consequences of such a narrow high stakes system include vulnerable children leaving mainstream education, teachers abandoning the profession and local schools being forcibly converted to academy status.

“There has to be a better way of holding schools to account and we look forward to working with the Lib Dems on their plans.

“And we are pleased that the Liberal Democrats say they would end the Government’s cuts to education, which are so damaging to schools up and down the country.”



Press release
06 March 2018