Government ignored root causes of teacher recruitment and retention crisis

Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the National Education Union (NEU) has commenting on the Education Policy Institute’s (EPI) report into teacher retention and recruitment.

She said:

“This report provides yet more evidence of the Government’s failure to ensure there are enough teachers in our schools. The NEU does not, however, agree with the EPI that the Government should prioritise retention ahead of recruitment.  It needs to stop tinkering around the edges and address both problems by cutting workload and offering better pay.

“The Department for Education has ignored the root causes of the crisis in teacher recruitment and retention - crushing workload, low pay and oppressive monitoring regimes - instead focusing on small initiatives that have failed to address the real problem. Savage cuts to funding have further reduced the ability of schools to retain and recruit staff. A recent NEU survey found that a staggering 81% of teachers had considered leaving the profession in the last year because of workload.

“This report highlights the growing use of non-subject specialists, as schools are increasingly desperate to make up for the Government’s failure to ensure a sufficient supply of teachers with appropriate teaching and subject expertise. The Government must urgently get a grip on teacher recruitment and retention.”



Press release
25 April 2018