​EPI report: Access and Waiting Times in Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services

Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary, National Education Union, has commented on the Education Policy Institute report.

He said:

“Children in urgent need of mental health support are being let down by the under-funding of the system.  Our members in schools are deeply anxious that many more young people need specialist support than can access it because CAMHS services are so thinly stretched.    

“This report reveals simply unacceptable waiting times for assessment – 266 days - and for treatment – 490 days – of children referred by GPs and schools for specialist mental health services. 

“With this report finding that 1 in 4 of referrals are currently not accepted, it’s urgent to increase capacity in these children’s services. 

“The Government must properly fund services so that every child who needs support is assessed and treated quickly, by the right experts and specialists.     

“Emotional health and well-being underpins children’s ability to enjoy school and engage with the curriculum. The National Education Union wants every child and their family to get the right support, in good time, for as long as they need it. The pressure on schools to fill the gaps for specialist services is simply indefensible.”

Download the Education Policy Institute report.



Press release
15 September 2017