Pre-school settings, primary and post primary schools will be required to provide remote learning to pupils until the half term break in mid-February.

Special schools and EOTAS provision will continue to operate as normal.

Vulnerable children and children of key workers will have access to schools for supervised learning. Only one parent/guardian is required to be a key worker.

Other key points include: 

  • From 11th January home to school transport services will operate as usual to Special Schools and EOTAS (including private hire buses and taxis), but services to mainstream settings will not be operating.
  • If there are children of key workers or vulnerable children (who are entitled to transport assistance) that still require transport assistance to access supervised learning, parents have been advised to notify their school. Schools should then contact their local transport office directly with details of the request, however schools can also advise EA ‘yellow bus’ drivers directly if they need transport w/beg 11th January and you want to avoid a break in service.
  • Pupils with a Translink travel pass can use this pass on any scheduled bus or rail Translink service.
  • School Meals will not be provided in mainstream schools. (Meals will still be provided for special schools and EOTAS Centres). Direct payments will be made to families whose children are entitled to free school meals;
  • Childcare settings including those attached to primary schools to remain open;
  • All GCSE, AS and A2 exams due to take place in January, February, May and June will be cancelled.
Northern Ireland
Addendum - Guidance Update Letter - January 2021

ADDENDUM – Guidance for schools and educational settings in Northern Ireland January 2021

EA Guidance for Schools 8th January 2021

Education authority guidance for schools. Schools should now make arrangements to support pupils based on the information in the Minister’s statement.