Despite the approval of a national law against disappearances in 2017, the Peña Nieto administration has not moved forward quickly and effectively in response to forced disappearances. Any measures that have been taken have been limited, without meaningful results, and mostly completed without consultation of victims.

The Joint General Secretaries of the National Education Union have written to the British Ambassador to Mexico to urge him to raise awareness of forced disappearances in Mexico at the country's upcoming Universal Periodic Review at the UN. 

The NEU is urging the Mexican Government to make the following recommendations at Mexico’s’ UPR later this year:

  1. Strengthen the National Search Commission with an adequate budget, sufficient and well-trained personnel, a National Search Program and a National Registry of Disappeared Persons, as established by the new national law;
  2. Recognise the competence of the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances to receive and consider individual and inter-state communications under Articles 31 and 32 of the International Convention on the Protection of All Persons from Forced Disappearance; and
  3. Adopt these and all necessary measures for the implementation of the new national law with strict adherence to the principle of genuine participation of victims and their families.

As a union of educators, we seek to support the safety, opportunities and futures of all global citizens.