Stand in Solidarity with the Syrian People

Ten years ago protests erupted across Syria against the security forces' brutality and escalated into a nation-wide uprising with hundreds of thousands of people demanding a more democratic, equal and just Syria. However, with the help of external powers such as Iran and Russia the Assad regime has survived, at the cost of at least 400,000 dead and millions of refugees. Click here for more information and to add your name to the MENA Solidarity Network statement and stand with Syrian refugees against the racism and discrimination they face.

Protect UK Aid to Yemen

Years of conflict in Yemen has led to failing systems and the added pressure of the pandemic has pushed the population to famine. The UK Government’s decision to drastically cut humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen last week could be the difference between life and death for millions of people. Please ask your members to Call on the Prime Minister to protect aid to Yemen. 

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Myanmar - ask your MP to support protesters resisting military rule

Rushanara Ali MP has tabled a motion in Parliament calling on the British government to take effective action to support the people of Myanmar resisting the military coup, including:

  1. Sanctioning military companies
  2. Building a global arms embargo
  3. Supporting Myanmar's referral to the International Criminal Court
  4. Joining the genocide case at the International Court of Justice

Please email your MP today asking them to support the motion.

Support Women's and Human Rights in Iran

CODIR (Committee for the Defence of Iranian People's Rights) are appealing to the trade union and labour movement in the UK to challenge the Iranian regime's "intensified crackdown against women's right defenders in Iran". View the story and how you can take action

The Joint General Secretaries have written to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran requesting they urge the government of Iran to protect women's rights by taking immediate steps to end gender-based oppression in Iran; end the violent suppression of women's rights activists; and release all political prisoners immediately. Read the letter here.

Send My Friend to School

Sign up to Send My Friend to School's 2021 campaign! Each year, thousands of NEU members, with their pupils, join the campaign to demand quality education for the world's poorest children. The campaign resources are free, designed by teachers, and built to be flexible around in-person and remote teaching. Members always provide such positive feedback on the teaching resources, including how it is a great opportunity to support young people's global citizenship education. Download the teaching resources today.

Abolition of the Association of Iraqi Academics

The Iraqi Parliamentary Education Committee has arbitrarily and unlawfully abolished the Association of Iraqi Academics (AIA). The AIA is the trades union of university lectures and academics. It is perceived as a threat by the enemies of democracy in Iraq. Please find below a statement published by the Association of Iraqi Academics – UK. There is a fear that the abolition of the AIA is the precursor of a further attack on trades union and human rights in Iraq. Please write to the Iraqi Ambassador in London and call on them to urge the Iraqi Parliamentary Education Committee and the Iraqi Government to respect Human and Trades Union Rights in Iraq and to rescind the decision to abolish the Association of Iraqi Academics. A template email can be found below.

Statement of solidarity with Uyghur Women and Uyghur Muslims

The NEU has been sickened and horrified by the latest reports on the treatment of Uyghur women in “re-education” camps in China’s Xinjiang region. Systematic rape, sexual abuse, and torture have been documented in new accounts obtained by the BBC. The NEU condemns these gross violations of women’s and human rights in the strongest possible terms.

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    The NEU has been sickened and horrified by the latest reports on the treatment of Uyghur women in “re-education” camps in China’s Xinjiang region.

    Systematic rape, sexual abuse, and torture have been documented in new accounts obtained by the BBC. Systematic persecution by the Chinese state means that Uyghur women are also facing incarceration in internment camps, physical and mental torture, and forced sterilisation.

    The NEU condemns these gross violations of women’s and human rights in the strongest possible terms. Attacks on women’s rights anywhere represent attacks on women’s rights everywhere. The international community must act and defend these most basic human rights.

    The barbaric treatment of Uyghur women is occurring amid the persecution of over one million Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. Clear evidence of human rights abuses includes mass internment, forced labour, political re-education, forcible separation of children from their families, and torture.

    As a trade union, we are dedicated to the advancement of human rights. The international community must act to end these heinous abuses and secure the full, unequivocal realisation of human rights for Uyghur Muslims in China.

    Mary Bousted & Kevin Courtney

    Joint General Secretaries


Statement of solidarity with women in Poland

Following the enforcement of a near total ban on abortion in Poland, the NEU reaffirms its commitment to women’s rights in Poland, across Europe, and around the world.

  • Read the NEU's statement of solidarity

    Following the enforcement of a near total ban on abortion in Poland, the NEU reaffirms its commitment to women’s rights in Poland, across Europe, and around the world.

    The decision in Poland represents a dark and dangerous roll back on women’s rights. Every woman has a right to complete autonomy over decisions that involve their body.

    In Poland, some 200,000 women are already forced into precarious illegal abortions or are made to travel abroad for the procedure. Rulings such as those by the Polish Constitutional Tribunal do not prevent abortion, they only serve to damage women’s health and rights by pushing abortions underground. This denies women their right to choose and to be provided with safe abortions.

    This ruling is the latest in a series of systematic and orchestrated attacks on women’s rights, with human rights abuses becoming all too frequent, both in Poland and across Europe, as outlined by the TUC’s recent report.

    The NEU stands in solidarity with those mobilising in Poland against this attack on women’s rights and is inspired by the tens of thousands who have poured onto the streets in protest. We share their indignation.

    It is a woman’s right to choose. The NEU stands united with women across Poland and will continue to fight for gender equality around the world.

    Mary Bousted & Kevin Courtney

    Joint General Secretaries


Sign this petition in solidarity with Turkish academics

In Turkey, President Erdogan is tightening his grip on the academic freedoms of universities, including through directly appointing the rector of Bogazici University, one of the most respected universities in the country.

Academic freedom, autonomy, and democratic values are under attack. Peaceful protesters have been met with violence, arrests and a series of escalating attacks directed by Erdogan. In Turkey and around the world, this violence has been criticised by the trade union movement, human rights organisations and wider members of civil society.

Join these voices by signing this petition from solidarity organisation SPOT

Make any Covid-19 vaccine affordable for all

COVID-19 vaccines are a crucial tool in helping end this pandemic and they should be a global public good, patent-free, produced in mass quantities by as many manufacturers as possible and affordable to all countries. Call on the UK government to ensure that any vaccine developed with public money is made affordable and available to all. And urge them to work globally so that any vaccine reaches the most vulnerable everywhere

Statement of Solidarity with Indian Farmers from the National Education Union, UK

The National Education Union stands in solidarity with Indian Farmers who are fighting privatisation of the agricultural sector under new laws passed by the Indian BJP Government. This legislation threatens to roll back labour protections and bring about the deregulation of crop pricing which will leave Indian farmers at the mercy of large corporations, depressing their incomes and livelihoods. With more than 40% of the population working in agriculture, this will have a devastating impact on some of the poorest people in India.

The NEU deplores the state violence and repression meted out to farmers exercising their democratic right to protest against these new laws. There can be no justification for the use of water cannon, tear gas or beatings against peaceful protestors.

NEU members stand in solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of farmers in India and the wider labour movement in India fighting for a just future.

Mary Bousted and Kevin Courtney
Joint General Secretaries

The impact of Brexit on the Roma Community – Important Information

Within the UK and across Europe, Roma remain a vulnerable and marginalised group. Among eastern European Roma families there is a great deal of fear and confusion about the impact that Brexit could have on their right to remain in the UK. If you teach the children of Roma families or know of Roma children in your schools please take a look at our important information document. This document aims to support you in assisting your eastern European Roma families to take the necessary steps to remain lawfully resident in the UK. It also signposts the support agencies where they can receive further advice and support. Read the document here.

Statement on the murder of French teacher Samuel Paty

The National Education Union condemns the horrific killing of French teacher, Samuel Paty on Friday 16 October. The joint General Secretaries of the NEU have written letters of condolence and solidarity to our sister union in France and have written to the French Education Minister.

Teachers must have the right to carry out their daily work in safety. No one should face threats or violence in the course of their working lives. Members of the National Education Union in the UK are deeply shocked by the brutal killing of this teacher.

Teaching children and young people about our human rights and inspiring students to play a positive role in society is part of the vital work that teachers across the world carry out diligently every day.

We stand in solidarity with all education staff and students in France at this dreadful and traumatic moment. Mr Paty’s friends, family and colleagues are very much in our thoughts in their time of grief and mourning. We pay tribute to Samuel Paty's life and join with his French colleagues in commemorating his dedication to the profession of teaching.