It is acknowledged that some flexibility may be required for the period of the academic year 21/22 as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic and both Management Side and Teachers’ Side remain committed to ensuring this is achieved by agreeing that any temporary changes made to ensure the continuity of education is not to the detriment of teachers’ terms and conditions of service.

Further joint guidance may issue from TNC in the period ahead as matters arise with the potential to impact on teachers’ terms and conditions of service.

This update deals with the issue of the appeal process for qualifications in summer 2021 and Quarantine Arrangements.

Appeal Process

Details of the process can be found here Post-Results Service | CCEA

The TNC notes that it is recommended that requests for centre reviews must be made to the Centre by:

  • 16 August 2021 (where a higher education place is pending)
  • 3 September 2021 (in all other cases)

And Centres must submit appeals to the awarding body by:

  • 23 August 2021 for priority appeals (those for which a higher education place is pending), or by
  • 17 September 2021 for non-priority appeals.

Directed time

A teacher (including those with teaching allowances) will not be directed to work on more than 194 days or 1258.5 hours in the academic year as a direct consequence of the appeal process.

As a result of the additional bank holiday in June 2022 to mark the Platinum Jubilee the number of days a teacher can be directed to work on has been reduced from 195 days and 1265hrs respectively to 194 days and 1258.5hrs for 2021-22 only.

Appeal Process

TNC recognises that some teachers will volunteer to help with the exams appeal process. However no teacher shall be compelled to work on a day that is not contiguous with a teaching day.

The Jordanstown Agreement includes a provision that working days which do not involve teaching children in a formal situation will be reasonably contiguous with days which do involve teaching children.

A teacher who works in mid-August, as agreed with the principal, to facilitate the appeals for qualifications including GCSE and A levels will be offered time off later in the academic year. The date(s) to be mutually agreed in advance and cover paid for by DE up to the max for the school.

Quarantine Arrangements

It is appreciated that the situation concerning travelling outside the Common Travel Area is uncertain at this time and official advice may change. Teachers, Principals and Vice-Principals should ensure they follow Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice regarding foreign travel. Guidance on the treatment of absence relating to quarantine arrangements is available here  Guidance on Supporting Staff to Return to Schools | Department of Education 

Further TNC guidance may be issued in this regard in line with any changing advice.