Please watch these short videos from author Michael Rosen, recorded especially for the NEU, which remind us of its importance.

Michael has also prepared these teaching resources for you to use in class and the NEU has a set of resources too.

Holocaust Memorial Day Webcast 2022

The webcast is live and will take place from 10-11am on Wednesday, 26 January. Join us to hear Holocaust survivor Eva Clarke's incredible testimony.

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HET also has a set of resources to explore these subthemes in your school or commemorative event

Other information from Holocaust Memorial Day Trust : 

Many trade unions commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD), remembering the millions affected by the Holocaust, Nazi persecution and subsequent genocides – including trade unionists who were targeted by the Nazis.

About HMD booklets make great handouts at any Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) activity and help explain what HMD is to attendees.

Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) offers workplaces the opportunity to bring employees together to reflect on the lessons from the past, and how your organisation and its values ensure the working environment is an inclusive and welcoming place.


Stand up to Racism is holding an online event on Monday, 24 January 2022, marking Holocaust Memorial Day. 

Holocaust Memorial Day online event, 6.30pm
Monday, 24 January

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust announced that the theme for 2022 is “One Day” - when we will all come together in our communities.

Join, share and invite to the Facebook event here 

Colette Levy, hidden child of the Vichy regime
Professor Ruth Levitas
David Rosenberg, Jewish Socialist Group
Virgil Bitu, GR8
Sabby Dhalu & Weyman Bennett, Stand Up To Racism co convenors