Throughout November 2020  NEU ran an extensive programme of webinars and training programmes – open to all members, reps and officers.

Recorded sessions

  • A View from the Regulator

    5 Nov 2020 with Andrew Kingscott - HSE Head of Public Administration, Education and Volunteers

    Reflecting on the early findings from the spot check inspections to assess COVID compliance in schools and the wider current and emerging health and safety issues in schools.

  • Thinking of becoming a Health and Safety rep?

    5 Nov 2020

    What the role involves and shared experiences with our panel of recent recruits. Hear from NEU health and safety reps who took on the role during the COVID-19 crisis, including their challenges and achievements.

  • Online Safety and Impact of Covid 19

    6 Nov 2020 with Karl Hopwood, Online Safety Expert, esafety Ltd

    The latest trends and developments in online safety including the impact of COVID-19. Considering the latest research and summarising the latest guidance for schools.

  • COVID is not an excuse to abandon other preventative measures

    13 Nov 2020 with Tim Tregenza, Network Manager European Agency for Safety and Health at Work.

    The presence of COVID does not mean that other hazards and risks have gone away. This challenge can only be met though an effective risk assessment and management process with the full engagement of workers.

  • Asbestos: Investigating and Taking Action

    13 Nov 2020 with Hank Roberts, NEU Executive

    We have known that asbestos kills since the Roman times where slaves mining it were dying. Why are people in the UK still dying from exposure to it, including in schools and colleges? More important still, what can we do about it?

  • Air Pollution: A Trade Union Issue?

     H&S Month 24 Nov 2020 with Hilda Palmer - Manchester Hazards Centre

    Levels of air pollution across the UK are at unsafe and illegal levels. Over 2,000 schools and nurseries in England and Wales are located in areas with illegal levels of pollution. What can trade unions do to protect pupils and staff?

  • Health & Safety Month 2020 Round-up

    National Education Union staff round up the month.