Indicative ballot

Our members are passionate about children's education but after years of seeing the government's funding cuts devastate their schools and colleges, they've had enough.

Watch this video now and find out why we're holding an indicative ballot to ask members if they're prepared to take strike action over the crisis in school funding. On this page you can also find out:


How to vote

The online indicative ballot opened on 15 November and runs until January 2019.

All eligible members should have received either an email with a unique voting link or a letter in the post with a unique ballot ID. You can use the links below to vote: members in sixth form colleges have different questions to answer, so make sure you select the appropriate link.

You'll need your ballot ID to hand when doing this.

You should have received an email or a letter by November 30, if you have not then please let us know by completing our ballot enquiries form.

Who is eligible to vote

We recognise that our members, and the students and children they work with, in every area of education are suffering from the effects of many years of severe real-terms funding cuts. 

We believe that the failure of this Government to fully implement and fund the School Teachers Review Body (STRB) recommendations will be the final straw for our financially struggling schools and many will simply be unable to find the money they need. The indicative ballot is therefore focused on those members whose terms and conditions are covered by these recommendation.

We are balloting all in service teachers working in:

We are not balloting:

Support our ballot

There are plenty of ways to support the ballot, regardless of whether you're eligible to vote, or even if you're not a member. And if you've already voted, you can help get the word out to those who haven't.

How are leaders involved?

As a school leader you know the effects of funding cuts first-hand. To put pressure on the Government it is vital that leaders speak out about the funding crisis and the impacts on the children and young people you teach.

The NEU encourages all members – including leaders – to hold meetings to discuss the funding crisis within our schools and colleges and to use their vote in the indicative ballot. 

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