Indicative ballot

82,487 teachers taking part in the National Education Union’s consultation of members have given a ringing endorsement of the School Cuts campaign. 

The Government’s policy on school funding and teacher pay is having a dreadful impact on the profession and the children they teach. They are presiding over a reduction in the number of teachers, alongside a growth in the number of students. Their policies are creating a crisis in both teacher recruitment and retention.

The NEU Executive will be meeting to discuss these findings and will be considering the next steps in the campaign.

We must keep up the pressure

There is a growing chorus of voices protesting about the impact of funding cuts and pinning the blame, rightly, on this Government. 

It’s vital that we continue to apply pressure to ensure our schools and colleges are funded properly. In the coming months local elections will take place across England, handing us an opportunity to exert political leverage. 

You can help by signing the petition below and supporting our funding campaign. 

1. Sign the Gateshead head teachers' petition

Help get it to the 100,000 signatures needed to force a Parliamentary debate.

2. Join School Cuts

To stop schools cuts, we need all parents, teachers and school staff to step up and join the campaign.

Together we can end school cuts and ensure no child loses out.

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