Following the Education Minister’s announcement of her intention to dissolve the General teaching council for Northern Ireland (GTCNI) and to stand down the GTCNI’s Council, DE received several pieces of correspondence enquiring if GTCNI teacher registration fees will still be deducted from teachers’ salaries for the 2022/23 registration year.

DE provided the following clarification in their correspondence of 8 April.

NEU recognise that teachers are angry that DE has decided to proceed with deducting fees on behalf of GTCNI.

Given that the minister has ‘stood down’ the GTCNI it is unfair that teachers are still obliged to pay this fee.

If DE argue that the fee must legally be deducted, then NEU support a reduction to a notional amount rather than the full fee.

Northern Ireland
Collection of GTCNI registration fee

Teacher registration fees will continue to be collected in line with established processes.