Commenting on a £14 billion package for primary and secondary funding, announced today, Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of the National Education Union, said:

“This schools funding announcement should really come with a note of apology; the Government has for so long derided our campaign and said there was no problem with education funding.

“Nevertheless the funding announced today is very positive.

“It is a tribute to the campaign waged by the NEU, NAHT and ASCL, alongside parents, councillors and many others. Our campaign in the General Election of 2017 moved 800,000 votes on the question of school funding and that message has clearly sunk in.

“The money now promised will in many cases be enough to mean schools don’t need to make further cuts next year.

“It is also welcome that a three-year funding plan has been laid out – long-term funding has been a theme of our campaigning.

“However, even the sums announced today are not enough to reverse all of the cuts already made that have so damaged children’s education – and we will continue to campaign alongside heads, parents and governors for the funding our children need.

“For too long Government has funded education on the basis of how little they can get away with. This has caused real damage to children and young peoples’ education as class sizes have risen, teaching assistants have been sacked and teachers have not had the resources to do their job. A generation of pupils have missed the education they should have received because of austerity. Today’s announcement will not compensate them for this loss.

“Over the weekend we will complete an analysis which will show the remaining gap in school and college funding even after this package has been implemented, and we will issue a press release about this early next week.”