Government school funding announcement

On 30 August, after years of campaigning by NEU members alongside school leader unions, cuts campaigners and others, the Government announced extra money for schools. This is a serious victory for all those who have campaigned so hard against school cuts. But while it’s a start, it’s not enough:

We were asking for school budgets to rise by £12.6 billion by 2022/2023. The Government has pledged £9 billion.

  • Not every school will see a real terms rise.
  • Schools will not see any extra money until at least April 2020.

The Government has pledged £400 million for 16-19 education which needs at least £1.2 billion

  • The sector has suffered a 27% real terms cut since 2010

£66m for early years funding is wholly inadequate.

  • The Government needs to invest £300 million to restore cuts to early years provision.
  • There is still no money for maintained nursery schools that remain under threat of closure from next August.

£700 million for SEND is clearly inadequate in the face of a £1.7 billion shortfall.

The campaign for full education funding goes on.

Please sign this open letter to Boris Johnson asking him to:
  • Ensure our children receive ALL the education funding they need
  • Make up the damaging shortfalls across education
  • Deliver extra funding rising to £12.6 billion per year by 2022/23.

Along with the f40 local authorities’ group and fellow unions ASCL and NAHT, we have published a comprehensive assessment of the extra funding schools need to reverse the cuts made in recent years.

We must hold this new Prime Minister and his Government to account for the continued underfunding of education.

See the full press release in full below. 

End the school funding crisis

Target: Prime Minister, Boris Johnson

Schools and colleges can’t afford any more empty promises or short-term fixes.
They need a proper funding solution that lasts - supporting every child from early years to college.
We’ve done the maths and know exactly how much it will take to reverse education cuts and maintain funding levels per pupil as costs rise.
Schools and colleges need £12.6bn more each year by 2022/23.
Sign our open letter to hold the Prime Minister to account over this figure, so schools and colleges get what they actually need.

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Together we are stronger

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Together for education

Schools have lost out on £5.4 billion since 2015. Ninety-one per cent have had their per pupil funding cut. Colleges have lost out even more.

Together, we can win the money education needs. Our young people are counting on us.