942 Schools have seen a cut in funding since 2015, according to the School Cuts Cymru Campaign, made up of the education unions ASCL, NAHT, NEU Cymru and UCAC. The Campaign is calling on the Westminster Government to increase its level of funding to Wales, and asking the Welsh Government to ensure that school funding is sufficient, fair and transparent.

David Evans, Wales Secretary of the National Education Union Cymru, said: “Parents, children and education professionals are feeling the effects of austerity passed on by Westminster for too long now. With the new Curriculum on the way, we need more money for resources and training. They need to give more money to Wales, so the Welsh Government can pass on extra money to schools.”

Tim Pratt, Director of Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) Cymru said: “With at least three quarters of Welsh secondary schools in deficit, the time has come to wake up to the reality of the funding crisis.  Our schools are doing a magnificent job in extremely challenging circumstances, but the current situation is damaging and unsustainable, and schools desperately need improved funding as a matter of urgency.”

Rob Williams, Director of NAHT Cymru said: “The underinvestment in schools in Wales is simply not acceptable and often our most vulnerable learners are worst affected. There is widespread concern across the whole country. Schools tell us that there is a crisis and that our children are, too often, not getting the education they deserve and to which they are entitled because their schools cannot afford it. This is not good enough and we have to put school funding at the top of the agenda.

“All children and young people deserve to have their education funded sufficiently and equitably. Parents and teachers expect no less. It is simply the right thing to do if schools are to be able to deliver Welsh Government reforms effectively and if we truly want the best outcomes for all.”

Dilwyn Roberts-Young, General Secretary of UCAC said: "The time has come to say: enough is enough. The scale of redundancies in our schools is making it difficult to maintain basic services and the support that our pupils deserve. It is also endangering the levels of capacity required to get to grips with the enormous changes that are on the way. Welsh Government must urgently examine funding levels and the way in which funding is distributed to ensure equity and transparency across the system."

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