• Advice Teacher up ladder in library
    Slips, trips and falls

    How to reduce the incidence of accidents and injuries in schools due to slips, trips and falls.

  • Advice Girl being vaccinated
    Hepatitis in schools

    Advice on what precautions to take when a case of viral hepatitis arises in a school or where a known carrier of the disease is a pupil in the school.

  • Advice Child with epilepsy having a seizure
    Epilepsy in schools

    Advice on how to deal with epilepsy and seizures in schools, including how to recognise when a pupil might be having a seizure.

  • Advice Computer Lesson At School
    Electrical safety

    NEU guidance on the law and practical advice on electrical safety in schools

  • Advice Boy with inhaler after sports
    Asthma in Schools

    Guidance on what asthma is, what can trigger it, and how to support pupils at risk

  • Advice diabetes
    Diabetes in schools

    Information and guidance for school staff to support the uninterrupted education of children with diabetes.