The NEU has long supported the charity Remembering Srebrenica, ensuring that the events of July 1995 are not forgotten and that we continue to learn and teach the lessons of the genocide.  As we said in our statement last year, the genocide in Srebrenica remains a stark reminder that we must never be complacent in the face of persecution.

Last year, NEU members played an active role in commemorating Srebrenica.  We hope that teachers and schools will do whatever they can this year to ensure that Srebrenica is not forgotten.  Remembering Srebrenica has produced a range of education resources to help teachers and schools which are available to download free of charge.

On 12 July, Remembering Srebrenica has organised a football tournament – We Are One, which they hope will unite young people across Britain playing football in memory of those killed in the genocide.  The event will signal an important step in the fight against hatred and intolerance in this 24th anniversary year.  We hope that schools will join this powerful opportunity for young people to come together through sport to consider the possible outcomes of racism, intolerance and division.  

We would urge teachers and schools to do whatever they can to commemorate this important anniversary.  Please also inform Remembering Srebrenica of any plans you have by emailing Srebrenica education.