The conference is a great opportunity to hear what is going on elsewhere in the independent sector and hear about NEU positions and activity in the sector.

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There will be updates on Covid-19; the latest on the NEU TPS campaign; a special focus on boarding schools and the new NEU resources to help tackle workload in the independent sector.

You will hear from the national leadership, NEU president Daniel Kebede, Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary, and the national executive lead member for the sector, Brian Metcalf.

Our external guest is Aileen Kane, Boarding School Association.

There will be a Q&A session offering the opportunity to discuss and share issues with your colleagues. We welcome all questions of a collective nature and of general interest.

Due to the online format, we will keep speeches relatively short to allow maximum time for member participation in the Q&A and discussion of motion and delegates to annual conference.

The conference is open to all NEU members who work in the independent sector.

Motion and delegates to NEU annual conference 2022

The sector conference can submit a motion to annual conference and nominate six delegates. This is in addition to doing the usual route for all members, via democratic structures, namely your local branch and district. Attendees will vote on the sector motion to be sent to annual conference 2022. If you would like to submit a motion, please read the attached guidance. Motions should be emailed to John Richardson, no later than 12pm Monday, 1 November.

Please note that there might not be time to debate all motions and the National Council independent sector will determine those for debate.

What we hope for the day

We hope that you:

  • take something for yourself and something for common good
  • learn new things and are stimulated to do things differently
  • are energised to go back to your workplace to strengthen NEU member collective voice, so that together you can influence the decisions that affect your daily working lives

What do past attendees say about it?

“It is great to know that you are part an influential and effective union”

“Really enjoyed the focus on independent sector issues.”

“I now feel confident to go back to school and tackle those niggling issues!”

Deadline for conference registration is 5pm, Wednesday 17 November.