About the delegation

The Union is pleased to offer places on a delegation to Cuba in the October half-term. The delegation will include school visits, meetings with Cuban colleagues, and an immersive cultural experience.

Delegation fee

The cost per delegate is £2,000 of which £1,000 will be covered by the Union’s International Solidarity Fund. The remainder will need to be covered by either the delegate themselves, by their district/branch or by a combination of the two determined by decisions taken locally. Nominees are strongly urged to secure funding for the cost of joining the delegation prior to applying.

How to apply

Nominations can only be made by districts or branches. Applications made by individuals without the approval of their district or branch will not be accepted. Please note nomination forms need to be signed by both the Secretary and Treasurer.

Nominees must also submit a statement of 200 words (maximum) and include experience of international solidarity work, knowledge of the situation in Cuba and pledged activities upon return.

October 2020 delegation to Cuba nomination form

Criteria for eligibility

At its meeting on 28 February 2019, the National Education Union Executive agreed that the following factors would be considered when selecting participants for delegations:

  • a regional and nations balance;
  • a gender balance;
  • representation from the diversity of our membership;
  • activists who have not been on a union delegation overseas in the last three years to afford opportunities for new activists; and
  • activists who have made clear pledges during the nomination process on how they will use their experience to engage new members into activism through international solidarity


The deadline for the receipt of nominations is 5pm on 30 April 2020. Please direct all enquiries to international@neu.org.uk