This is a worrying time. The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t just impact on physical health; mental health can be affected too.

This webinar has been developed to help you explore some of the wellbeing issues you may be experiencing.

The webinar will help you:

  1. Understand why it’s important to look after your health, including some of the physical symptoms associated with stress and anxiety (first 15 minutes of webinar)
  2. Identify some of the challenges that you are facing both at work and at home (between minute 15-35 mins of the recording)
  3. Explore strategies for supporting your physical and mental wellbeing (from minute 35 until end).

At all stages of the webinar references will be made to sources of support and information that you might find useful.

Caroline Holmes is involved in the delivery of the NEU national CPD programme. She is also part of the Red Learning Co-operative – a group of co-operators who conduct research and run collaborative education and training that leads to social change.

All information in relation to the NEU’s response to the coronavirus pandemic can be found here.

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