Annual Conference

The first National Education Union conference will be held in Liverpool from 15-18 April. Delegates were elected by their association or district prior to 1 January 2019.

Conference programme

The outline conference programme below (which is subject to change) gives details of start and finish times each day.

Sunday 14 April
1300      Conference reception desk open
1500      New to conference briefing
1830      Disabled members’ drinks reception
1830      Supply members reception
1930      Welcome drinks reception for all delegates

Monday 15 April
0900       Conference session 1
1245       Lunch and fringe meetings
1400       Conference session 2
1815       Fringe meetings
1815       LGBT+ members’ drinks reception
1915       Young & New Education Professionals panel discussion

Tuesday 16 April
0900       Conference session 3
1245       Lunch and fringe meetings
1400       Breakout sessions
1600       Conference session 4
1815       Black Teachers reception
2000       Cuban salsa night

Wednesday 17 April
0900       Conference session 5
1245       Lunch and fringe meetings
1400       CPD sessions
1600       Conference session 6
1815       Fringe meetings
1845       Women’s reception

Thursday 18 April
0900       Final conference session
1300       Close of conference

Conference Committee Election 2019

The election for the Conference Committee will take place at Annual Conference in Liverpool. Further details will be sent to delegates nearer the time.

NEU Local Districts are entitled to nominate one candidate for the eight non-Executive places available.  Candidates must either be a representative to Conference or a lay-member of the Conference Committee standing for re-election.

The term of office will be two years with elections taking place every year, so to establish this pattern of membership, the four candidates receiving the highest number of votes will serve a term of two years (2020 & 2021) and the four receiving the next highest number of votes will serve for one year (2020).

The closing date for receipt of nomination forms is 18 March 2019.

Reports of the Executive

The Reports of the Executive 2019 - JEC and  ATL/NUT joint executive reports - is now available.
The reports are a factual report of the work done over the last year.  The Rules provide that Local Districts can submit amendments, using the relevant form (C.07). Please reference amendments clearly, identifying the page number and section of text. It is important to bear in mind when considering amendments that these should not try to write into the Reports, material which is not factually correct.   Please be aware that the Report of the JEC contains proposals to amend the rules of the Union, which will be taken at Annual Conference.

Delegate Voting at Conference

Voting at Conference will be by show of hands; where the result is unclear to the President or challenged by 200 members of conference standing up, a division will be carried out using digital voting.

Digi-voting is a weighted vote, and for 2019 only will be calculated based on ATL Districts and NUT Associations membership figures as at 1 September 2019; new NEU members will be added to the membership figures of both. The membership figure will then be divided by the number of delegates each ATL District or NUT Association has.

Should a delegation include a retired member, this will make no difference to their vote, they will carry the share of member votes of their Association in the same way as other delegates. Changes to this arrangement are due to take place in 2021 but for the time being, there is no distinction between retired members and other delegates to Conference.

The practicalities of digi-voting will be explained in a separate message.

Travelling to Liverpool

It is assumed most delegates will travel to Liverpool on Sunday. The New to Conference briefing will be held in the main auditorium and is open to all delegates. It will be most useful to those who haven’t previously attended an ATL or NUT annual conference. The briefing will cover how conference works, including how to register to speak in a debate and the role of the chair.

Annual conference expenses and accommodation costs

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Annual conference crèche arrangements:

  • The crèche is now full 
  • If you have a child or children attending the crèche, please try and visit on Sunday to register your child; this will be much easier than trying to do it on Monday morning
  • The crèche will be open at the following times:

Sunday                                                            1300 - 1800

Monday – Wednesday                                     0800 - 1800

Thursday                                                         0800 - close

  • If you would like to attend a lunchtime fringe, please advise the crèche first thing that morning to arrange this
  • The crèche will not be open to allow delegates to attend evening events unfortunately


Observers can attend conference. They can be members whose district/association delegations are full, delegates’ partners or members ineligible to be delegates. Observers will be welcome to attend any part of conference other than the closed session, space permitting. 

Observers’ badges and packs will be available for collection at the reception desk in Liverpool.

Mailings and information for delegates

Delegates will be sent three postal mailings before conference:


  Executive report 

  Minutes from NUT 2018 conference



 Teachers’ Building Society report

 Delegate credentials (name-badge)

 Voting card (for insertion into the digi-voting device which will be issued in Liverpool)

 Early April

 Conference agenda

 Conference programme

 Speakers cards (to be handed in to staff in Liverpool should you wish to speak to a motion)

Additionally, the results of the priority voting will be available here from 18 February  

Conference app

Details of how to download and log into the conference app will be sent to all delegates. The app will include the full and most up to date programme, speaker information and results of votes on motions. 

Conference 2020

Annual conference 2020 will be held in Bournemouth, Monday 6 April – Thursday 9 April

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