The NEU has commissioned the AGENDA team to run a tailored training course on how to support pupil’s health and wellbeing in the context of Covid-19.

AGENDA is a resource for educators who want to empower children (aged 7 – 18) to make positive relationships matter in their schools and communities. It has equality, inclusivity, children’s rights and social justice at its heart. It can also be used to develop inclusive, relevant and rights-respecting relationships and sexuality education (RSE) to support schools in England meet their new statutory duties from September 2020.

AGENDA is full of ideas, information and stories to help children and young people to explore difficult to articulate feelings and emotions. It does this by giving children and young people a range of creative ways to feel, think, question, and share sensitive or difficult issues. 

The AGENDA team have adapted some activities from AGENDA to assist those supporting children and young people at this time.

The training will run on 10 July,10am-12pm.

You can register here.

This online training session will:

  • Introduce you to AGENDA.
  • Understand how AGENDA can support children and young people during lockdown.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to discuss how you hope to use AGENDA.
  • Private viewing of embargoed film, “Making Space”: Transforming RSE. This short 7 min film shares the story of how one school is drawing on AGENDA to listen to children and young people’s views on what matters to them about RSE.


AGENDA during Covid-19 programme

This online training session has been developed in response to the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on the health and wellbeing of children and young people.