Election for officers of vice-presidents (x2): 1 September 2020 - 31 August 2024 and treasurer and membership & equalities officer: 1 September 2020 - 31 August 2022

The National Officer elections will open on 3 February.  All members of the Union, other than associate and student members, will be sent voting papers.

The Treasurer of the Union plays a vital role in relation to the best use of the NEU resources, including your subscriptions, and is responsible to the Executive and Conference for the overall administration of the Union’s finances.

Two Vice-Presidents will be elected and will take office as Senior Vice-President (the first candidate to reach the quota in the election) and Junior Vice-President from 1 September 2020 and will take office as President in 2021 and 2022 respectively. The President of the Union chairs Conference, the Executive and the Officer Steering Group and represents the Union on the national and international stage.

The elections will close at midday on Monday, 2 March.

A full list of valid nominations received by the end of 15 December 2019 for candidates listed below, and set out here.

Membership & Equalities Officer

Louise Regan- Elected unopposed


Hazel Danson

Alyson Dermody Palmer


Louise Atkinson

Daniel Kebede

Kauser Jan

Annette Pryce

The elections for Treasurer and the Vice-Presidents will open on Monday, 3 February 2020 and close midday on Monday, 2 March 2020 (in accordance with Rule 11.11.1(g).

Election of Electoral Districts

Electoral District Winning candidates
District 1 Anne Swift
Paul Welch
Paramjeet Bhogal
Louise Atkinson
District 2 Simon Murch
Sally Kincaid
Patrick Murphy
Allison Barnes
District 3 Robert Illingworth
Sheena Wheatley
Wendy Hardy
Simon Clarkson
District 4 Debs Gwynn
Peter Glover 
Ian Watkinson
Brenda Hayes 
District 5 Nick Wigmore
Dawn Taylor
Karen Parkin
Ian Windeatt
District 6 Gawain Little
Niamh Sweeney
Adam Van Asch
Deirdre Murphy
District 7 Christopher Denson
Lucy Phillpot
Nicky Downes
Beatrice Harvey
District 8 Sarah Carter
Emma Mort
Katie Harrison
Chris Dutton

District 9 (uncontested) 

Heather McKenzie
Jerry Glazier
Murray Sackwild
Phillipa Kearns
District 10 Ann Seuret
Phil Clarke
Warren Chambers
Julie Huckstep
District 11 Dominic Coughlin
Karen Williams
Tamsin Honeybourne
Karam Bales
District 12 Corinne Lamoureux
Jonathan Reddiford
Robin Head
Julia Neal
District 13 Mairead Canavan
Neil Foden
Lesley Tipping
District 14 Alex Kenny
Jessica Edwards
Kirstie Paton
Richard Griffiths
District 15 (uncontested)  Debra Beale
Stefan Simms
Andrea Croce
Hank Roberts
District 16 (uncontested)  Dominic Byrne
Philipa Harvey
Katie Lindenberg
Major Sundhu
District 17 (uncontested)  Gordon White

Election of Three Equality Seats and Three Sector Seats

Seat Elected
Equality Seat – Disabled Member Colleen Johnson
Equality Seat – LGBT Member Annette Pryce
Equality Seat - Black Member (Uncontested) Daniel Kebede
Sector Seat – Post-16 Establishment Jean Evanson
Sector Seat – Independent Schools Helen Porter
Sector Seat - Support Staff Tracy McGuire

By-election for support staff executive member - 3 December 2019 to 31 August 2021

Voting in the by-election for the above Executive seat closed at midday on Monday, 2 December and Tracy McGuire has been elected to the seat.  See the full report of the Independent Scrutineer, Electoral Reform Services, confirming the results of the elections.

The Union will, on request, supply any member with a copy of the full report.  Any such request for a copy of the results should be emailed to Rachel Baxter or sent by post to the Headquarters address.

If you have any queries about the results, please email elections@neu.org.uk.

Executive Dates for 2020


6 February


21 March


7 May     


13 Jun


9 July


3 October


12 November


12 December