Ride the Waves

This is essential training for SENDCOs, teachers and support staff to develop their skills to provide high-quality interventions for both group and individualised teaching.

The National Strategy describes teaching and support as three Waves:

  • Wave 1: high-quality inclusive teaching for all pupils’ needs.
  • Wave 2: additional group intervention programmes to accelerate learning and catch up with their peers.
  • Wave 3: individualised targeted programmes of intervention.

“High-quality teaching, differentiated for individual pupils, is the first step in responding to pupils who have or may have SEN.” Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice (p99), Department for Education, January 2015.

This course investigates the meaning of high-quality inclusive teaching and suggests ways of planning and working together to maximize the impact of support staff. Emphasis is then given to developing best practice for Wave 2 and 3 provision. Areas of focus include: 

  • Assessment tools to plan for appropriate provision.
  • An overview of intervention programmes to meet identified learning needs.
  • Creating a successful intervention environment; meeting specific learning needs, positive learning ethos, motivation and perseverance, questioning and thinking skills.

 Who is this course for? This course is suitable for Primary and Secondary practitioners including:

  • NQTs
  • Support staff
  • Teachers
  • SENCOs
  • Leaders/managers