Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are development techniques aimed at enhancing an individual's skills, knowledge and performance. While both require similar skills, coaching tends to focus on enhancing task and performance while mentoring is a longer-term approach aimed at building capability, developing self-reliance and the working towards of career goals. Both have an essential role to play in an education context and in ensuring that individuals fulfil their potential and achieve a rewarding and productive working life.

The morning session will focus on understanding key coaching skills, and how they can be used with colleagues and students. In particular, you will look at:

  • Defining coaching in education
  • Identifying what models could be useful when supporting students or solving problems with your colleagues
  • Assessing your coaching skills and identifying areas for development

This session will be particularly useful for anyone who is a coach, involved in performance management, or is interested in developing their coaching skills.

The afternoon session will look at the role of the mentor, you will explore some key themes around how mentoring is practised, who could benefit from mentoring, and being a mentee. It looks at:

  • Defining mentoring in education
  • Exploring the role of a learning mentor
  • Assessing your mentoring skills and identifying areas for development

The workshop is aimed at anyone who is a mentor or mentee, or is thinking about becoming one. It is also aimed at anyone who would like to develop their understanding of mentoring in education.

Each session lasts two and a half hours with an additional fifteen minute refreshment break and costs £20 for each:

The first session starts at 10am and finishes at 12.45.

The second session starts at 13.15 and finishes at 16.00.

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