The NEU advice on this and other pages applies for the current academic year. Revised advice will be published during the summer for the new academic year from September.

Covid-19 and schools report: 18 June 2021

This is the latest of weekly National Education Union (NEU) reports on Covid-19 education data from the past week, drawing on ONS reports on: • regional patterns of Covid-19 cases • Covid-19 infection in school age children and any impact on community transmission • deaths and hospitalisation • school attendance tracking • vaccination levels

Safety in schools

UNISON, GMB, Unite and NEU. have called on the government to reinstate face coverings in schools

With infections on the rise once more, four unions have issued a joint statement demanding a range of safety measures in schools and colleges to limit coronavirus spread, keep education on track and reduce the risk of further closures.

Support for members

Read our Q&A advice for members, now including advice on summer events and on supporting members with long Covid.

The NEU will provide support to members in any school or college where there are concerns about safety.   Details of how to escalate matters in your workplace and if necessary contact your branch can be found here

Advice on safety

This joint advice, like our original advice for September opening, aims to help you to understand the current DfE advice, identify the most important areas to be considered and ensure that appropriate risk assessments and safety measures are in place for a safer workplace. It is essential for all education settings.

It covers measures which need to be addressed to reflect the known greater transmissibility of the new variant.  The joint union checklist for full opening in September 2020 has been updated and remains relevant for guidance on more detailed measures that should continue to be in place.

We must protect vulnerable and older members of staff who are most at risk if they catch Covid-19. The joint union advice on other vulnerable and higher risk staff remains in place and can be found here.

Recovery Education Hub

The Recovery Education Hub is your place to network with 450,000 NEU members to get advice, support each other and shape recovery education following the coronavirus pandemic. The hub aims to put education professionals at the heart of developing practice which supports teaching and learning during the months and years ahead.

Covid-19 testing

Advice on the Covid-19 testing system can be found here Coronavirus: testing in schools and colleges | NEU

What you need to know

Specific advice

  • Graphical representation of Covid-19
    Coronavirus guidance and FAQs

    NEU advice to members on safety and other matters - now including advice on summer events and on supporting members with long Covid.

  • Advice Graphical representation of Covid-19
    Coronavirus - leadership advice

    The NEU is committed to helping you ensure safety in the workplace for all staff and students in schools and colleges during this very challenging time.

  • Graphical representation of Covid-19
    Coronavirus: officers

    Guide for National Education Union officers on how to support your members during coronavirus

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    NEU Cymru

    Information, advice and resources for NEU Cymru members.