Our advice is focused on the safety of the whole school community.

School safety

With coronavirus infection rates rising across the country – particularly among teenagers – the union is looking at how adopting rota systems in secondary schools and colleges could provide continuous education while helping to suppress the virus among students, staff and in the community.

We are asking leaders and members for feedback on what support would be necessary to make them effective.

  • Why the government needs to look after schools

    Our members love education. They want to teach. But they need the Government to keep them, schools and our country safe. Joint General Secretary Kevin Courtney explains why the Government must act now to suppress viral transmission in schools and colleges.

Safety checklist

This checklist has been issued by the joint unions (GMB, NEU, UNISON and UNITE) for use from November 2020 onwards in schools and colleges. Faced with worsening impact of the pandemic upon schools, the joint unions want to support schools in remaining safely open, but do not have confidence that the measures set out in Government guidance are sufficient on their own to achieve this purpose.

Read our joint unions' advice for staff working in school and colleges who are medically vulnerable or otherwise at higher risk from Covid-19, or who live with or care for such people. 

NEU Escalation App

Over the last few weeks, National Education Union (NEU) members and reps have asked us to streamline the way members can collectively escalate concerns in their workplace around safety and the growing trend of increased workload as a result of coronavirus.

As a result, we have launched our NEU escalation app which helps groups of members who don’t have a rep and workplace reps to escalate concerns quickly.

If you and members in your workplace feel unsafe in your school, read more about using our NEU Escalation app by clicking here.

If you do not have a rep in your school, put your name forward with other colleagues to become a rep team that can access our NEU Escalation app, click here to volunteer. We can support you to ensure greater safety for you, your colleagues and pupils.

COVID-19 map for schools

Covid-19 rate map for schools aim to make coronavirus data easily available to parents and staff. Share the website, contact your MP, and share our demands for greater safety in schools.

What you need to know

Specific advice

  • Graphical representation of Covid-19
    Coronavirus guidance and FAQs

    NEU advice to members to ensure that arrangements are safe and appropriate whether students and staff are working at home or at school.

  • Advice Graphical representation of Covid-19
    Coronavirus - leadership advice

    The NEU is committed to helping you ensure safety in the workplace for all staff and students in schools and colleges during this very challenging time.

  • Graphical representation of Covid-19
    Coronavirus - reps

    Guide for National Education Union workplace representatives and how to support your members during coronavirus outbreak.

  • Graphical representation of Covid-19
    Coronavirus - officers

    Guide for National Education Union officers on how to support your members during coronavirus

  • Map of Wales
    NEU Cymru

    Information, advice and resources for NEU Cymru members.