During school closure, students and parents/carers will face all kinds of new experiences, some positive and some negative. Many people will need access to information and support to be able to overcome these challenges. It is especially important that all young children and teens know how to ask for help if they experience abuse or in an emergency.

To help families get the information they need, the NEU has created a series of posters designed to be personalised for your school/college and emailed out to parents, carers, staff and students. There are three designs, one aimed at younger children, one aimed at young people and one aimed at parents and carers.

Simply download the appropriate poster/s, edit the text box to include the contact details for your designated safeguarding lead/ pastoral care team, add any other text to personalise the poster and email it out to parents, carers, staff and students in your school/college community. You may also wish to have the posters accessible on your website and/or learning platforms. The posters have active web-links and are therefore not suitable for printing, although you may wish to post printed versions of the children’s poster to primary school children so families can put them somewhere accessible.

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