Soulbury FAQs

The NEU wants wider reopening to begin as soon as it is safe to do so.  But your safety and that of society as a whole is our priority. 

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Should I work from home?

Where it is feasible and safe to do so, it is a reasonable request for your employer to ask you to work from home.  Adequate safeguards will need to be in place.

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Coronavirus : safe home-based working

Although most NEU members will be back in school/college from September some will be working from home, either because an individual risk assessment deems it necessary or because of a local lockdown.

I am worried about catching Coronavirus at work, although there is no medical advice specifically supporting my wish to self-isolate.  What should I do?

If you have genuine concerns about, for example, poor hygiene or similar issues in the workplace, or your personal vulnerability due to some medical condition, the NEU expects your employer to accept your concerns.  Allowing you to work at home would be a reasonable adjustment and we would not accept this being treated as unauthorised absence.

Can I take leave when I am working from home?

Working from home does not stop you requesting leave by following the usual procedures in your workplace.

Will I lose leave if I cannot take all of my leave entitlement due to COVID-19?

The Government has announced that workers will be able to carry over up to four weeks into the next two leave years.

Is it safe for me to visit schools and colleges?

The NEU has detailed advice for members not working from home. It covers the need to minimise the number of students and staff and to establish, in consultation with staff, protocols for social distancing, contact with and between students, and hygiene and cleaning procedures.

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Coronavirus - keeping yourself safe

Our major priority, during this awful crisis, is the health and safety of our members who are continuing to go to work to care for vulnerable pupils and the children of key workers.