During the planning for September reopening, one of the core safety matters to be addressed in schools’/colleges’ risk assessments is to put in place a contingency plan that will protect the safety of staff in the event of an in-school outbreak or a spike in the local infection rate, especially those who are CV/CEV or at higher risk. Failure to do this during the planning phase may trigger the escalation process outlined [here – link back to officers corona page]

Assuming that schools/colleges do have such a contingency plan in place, then the matter for branch/rep scrutiny will be whether the plan is properly implemented should there be an outbreak at the workplace itself, or a spike in the local infection rate. Reps and branches should respond to such outbreaks as follows:

In-school/college outbreaks:

Actions for reps

Local spike outbreaks:

Actions for branches & reps

  • Trigger: Local infection rates, either in MSOH/Ward or across LA spike, but not yet put the LA on the Gov/PHE ‘watch list’:
    • Branch contacts Local Authority around local spike.
    • Reps discuss with members about contact between branch and local authority, notifying their Head/GB/LA
    • Campaign (parents, public, media)
  • Trigger: Local infection rates put LA on Gov/PHE ‘watch list’:
    • Trigger: Failure of school/college to promptly confirm that they will follow these outbreak provisions
    • School/college response remains unsatisfactory, immediately flag to branch and Region/Wales office to issue relevant legal advice to members and to consider option to issue notice of industrial action ballot / indicative ballot.