Kierna Corr Blog
European Practices for Pre-School Teachers

Kierna Corr, an NEU workplace rep and head of nursery, shares her experience from her recent study visit to Italy to take part in a course ‘The best Practices for Preschool Teachers’ facilitated by The Erasmus Learning Academy.

Ciaran O'Halloran, Northern Ireland Blog
Peter Weir's executive dysfunction

Ciaran O’Halloran, NEU member, head of drama at a school in Belfast, and an examiner for Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC) shares his thoughts on the ministerial decision on WJEC exams in Northern Ireland.

Secondary school children walking up stairs Blog
Back to school: Full week one

We did it, we’re back and we’re making it work! Colette Thompson, literacy specialist and vice-chair of Fighting Words, Northern Ireland reflects on the first full week back at school.

Teacher laughing with secondary school pupils Blog
School restart across Europe

With school restart imminent in Northern Ireland, and many teachers confused by rushed, often contradictory advice and guidance, Mark Langhammer looks at the school-restart experience of some of our neighbours across Europe.

Windrush Blog
The Empire Windrush

22 June 1948 ‘Citizens of the British empire’. Britain’s schizophrenic approach to migrants continues to this day. Rodeane Henry-Grant on Windrush.

Refugee Week 2020 banner image Blog
Refugee week : 14-21 June 2021

This year’s theme for Refugee Week is “we cannot walk alone”. It is a message that speaks to the values of the NEU and in this blog, we give example of our work and links to resources including an upcoming webinar.

Covid-19 banner for general use Blog
Coronavirus: Should we trust the UK Government?

Week of 30 March, Professor Scally published important articles in the Irish Times and Irish News which were widely read and debated, and get to the heart of the UK Government’s approach to the Covid-19 crisis. Prof. Scally’s article is reproduced here in full, without the need for further comment.

Teenagers in school uniform Blog
School Uniform Bill

School Uniform Bill is due to be debated in Parliament on 13 March. Read Mike Amesbury MP's blog on the Bill which is aimed at lowering the cost of school uniforms.

statue of Martin Luther King Blog
Racism and poverty

On Martin Luther King Day, the NEU wants to make the links between poverty and racism better understood.

Support staff workload advice Blog
Teachers' workload

Teachers' workload problems are rooted in the education system. We need bigger ambition for change from the Government, with actions to match.

Paperwork on a desk Blog
DfE Workload Survey 2019

The DfE is making much of their efforts to reduce the workload of teachers; their 2019 Workload Survey (TWS) report shows a drop in reported working hours of teachers compared to the TWS 2016.

Female teacher speaking to male teacher Blog
Rep stories - Out of my depth

“I’ve told the college you’ll accompany me to the meeting, as my union rep.” “Great! I’ll be there. But first… I need to get some advice!”

Male hand filling in form Blog
Ofsted – education inspection framework (EIF)

From September 2019, Ofsted will introduce its education inspection framework (EIF) to, “refocus inspections of schools, early years settings and further education and skills providers, to make sure that learners are receiving a high-quality education that puts them on a path to future success”.

Children playing with play clay in classroom Blog
Defending the principles of early years education

Following the recent sector-led response to proposed changes to the EYFS, early years expert, Dr Sue Allingham, of Keeping Early Years Unique, sets out the concerns of the sector, and the principles which must be defended.

NEU members at Pride 2019 Blog
LGBT+ inclusion update

The NEU is committed to supporting LGBT+ inclusion in education. Here is a summary of LGBT events in 2019 and issues the NEU has been involved in.

Man and woman cycling through a park Blog
Clean Air Day 2019

Last year's Clean Air Day saw over 550 events taking place nationally and this year's event on Thursday June 20th is set to be even bigger. Clean Air Day aims to raise awareness of how we can all take action, and support action, that will make the air we breathe cleaner and safer for all.

Two lesbian girls holding hands and rainbow flag Blog
Lesbian visibility day is important for all educators

On 26 April Lesbian visibility day, an international awareness day celebrating the contribution of lesbians to society, educators of all sexualities across disciplines and in all educational settings, have an opportunity to celebrate this day to advance equality in their community. 

Children taking exam Blog
An historic week for primary education

Two of our major political parties have made clear that the assessment and accountability system under which schools have laboured for nearly 30 years can no longer be tolerated.

Agenda blog Blog
AGENDA – a new resource for educators

Professor Emma Renold of Cardiff University talks about the launch of a new online resource – AGENDA- developed to help educators promote positive, healthy and equal relationships.

Vintage filtered on silhouette of depressed girl sitting on the window Blog
Mental Health funding

Dr Mary Bousted, joint general secretary of the NEU writes about the impact of school funding cuts on pupils with SEND and poor mental health.

A classroom of primary school children with their hands up Blog
Ability Grouping in the Early Years and Key Stage 1

In 2017 the ATL section of the National Education Union commissioned Alice Bradbury and Guy Roberts-Holmes to investigate the extent to which ability groups were used in the earliest years of primary school, the impact on staff and pupils and the drivers of this practice.

Working from home Blog
Report 2018 (Magazine content)

On this page you'll find highlights from our June 2018 Report magazine including SEND crisis, LGBT Conference and Mary Bousted on preparing students for the future.

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