The Feminism in Schools Network was founded in 2016 to provide support and advice for teachers and other members of the education community who want to set up Feminist Societies and/or challenge sexism in their schools . It was started by Charlotte Carson, a teacher and feminist activist, when she was based in London. Having relocated to Belfast she is now keen to build the movement across schools in Northern Ireland.

The purpose of this seminar is to explore how we can use our limited time and resources well to have the maximum impact on our school communities.

We can do this by:

  • Setting up Feminist Societies as lunchtime/afterschool clubs
  • Designing (student-led) teacher training on sexism in schools
  • Auditing our curriculum for areas which promote or challenge sexism
  • Improve PSHE/RSE provision to include analysis of sexism
  • Plan for a conference to bring together students, teachers, activists, campaigners to inspire and motivate our girls to lead

The seminar will be online and is open to ALL members of the education community who wish to engage in this work.

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