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    Workload reduction toolkit

    Thanks to your campaigning, the government has published a workload reduction toolkit - and written to all headteachers with advice on how to take action. Find out what you can do now.

Inspect the inspectors

Ofsted have been clear about the work that they do not expect to see, but some teachers are still being asked to provide this evidence by inspectors. Read through the Ofsted Mythbusters on the DfE website, and if you feel you’re still being asked to provide evidence that isn’t required, please let us know using this anonymous form.

Workload resources

  • Advice Group of students study diligently in university library while a professor helps them understand the difficult concepts
    Tackling workload together

    Our workload guidance will help you identify tasks or activities which are unnecessary, have no education benefit and cause the most stress.

  • Advice Workload meeting
    How to develop a workload campaign in your school

    Any actions to tackle excessive workload and working hours will be more effective if taken together, with staff and leaders working collaboratively to make a positive change across the whole workplace

  • Advice Marking
    Workload advice: marking

    The Independent Teacher Workload Review Groups were established by the DfE to report on, and suggest solutions to, unnecessary burdens associated with marking, planning and data management.