In his Spring Statement, the Chancellor failed to end budget uncertainty for schools. His boast that the economy is in recovery prompts the question of why he cannot address the issue of school funding now 91% of primary schools and 94% of secondaries have had their per pupil funding cut.

The NEU joint general secretaries' had written to Damian Hinds urging him to face up to the "national emergency" of the education funding crisis. 

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    Watch and share: our members tell the real story of the school cuts that are devastating schools and colleges - and why joining NEU is the way forward.

Six tests the Spring Statement failed

The Spring Statement was the first of two statements that the Chancellor gives to Parliament each year. It provides an update on the nation’s finances and the state of the economy. The second statement is expected in the autumn with the annual Budget.

Also expected this year, is a Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). These are conducted by the Government every three to five years. CSRs are very important as they set out how much each Government department – including the Department for Education – will have to spend over the next few years. 

Any new announcements must pass all of these six tests in order to guarantee sufficient funding for the future:

  1. Reverse school cuts now
  2. New money from the Treasury
  3. High needs, early years and post-16 education fairly funded:
  4. A long-term funding plan
  5. Historic underfunding addressed
  6. All pay rises and pension increases fully implemented and fully funded

School funding petition

On 4 March, a three-hour Westminster Hall debate on school funding took place. Watch the video from Parliament as MPs debate on the school funding petition #SchoolCuts. We need to keep up the pressure ahead of the comprehensive spending review, when government will set out its funding plans for education for the next three years.

Watch our video on the crisis in SEND funding


A school governor of 21 years speaks to the impact of cuts on her school and SEND provision
Every child deserves to learn and thrive, but cuts to school funding are putting this at risk.

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Ask your Councillor to get involved

It will take whole communities making noise to keep schools at the top of the political agenda, everywhere. Every action matters and moves us forward in this fight for funding. The Government has an opportunity in its next Spending Review to address the funding cuts.

Ask your Councillor to get involved and sign the open letter to Damian Hinds urging more money for education  #neucllrs #spendingreview

Order free campaign materials

From window posters for your home or workplace, to leaflets or banners for your local school gate, order our free resources to make school cuts impossible to ignore where you live.

The materials you receive will display cuts figures for your local authority. Please allow 7-10 days for them to arrive.