Despite the Government’s claims to level up school funding, we know headteachers don’t have money in the bank to run their schools right now.

You already know the numbers:

  • 83% of schools in England still lose out this year compared to 2015
  • without a funding increase that covers their increased costs, 389 nursery schools are facing cuts or closure next year.
  • over 2,700 children with special educational needs are still waiting for a school place.

It’s so important we maintain our energy and commitment to protecting funding for every school and every child.

Spring Budget

The Government knows that lack of funding is putting schools and colleges under great pressure. Class sizes are rising, subjects are being dropped, SEND support is disappearing  and inadequate pay is making the staffing crisis worse.  All of this is happening just to balance the books.

The £7.1 billion already promised for schools over the next 3 years should have been increased.  It is welcome but it falls well short of the £12.6 billion needed to replace the cuts since 2015, let alone provide a world-class education for every child.  83% of schools will be worse off this April in real terms than in 2015. Maintained nurseries continue to survive hand to mouth, with many under threat of closure, and 16-19 education continues to be suffer as well.  The additional capital funding for FE colleges is welcome but, with almost 4000 schools in need of immediate repair, we greatly regret the Government’s neglect of schools capital funding.

Missing from the Chancellor’s ‘plan for prosperity’ is any recognition that 4.1 million children in our country are currently trapped in poverty. With the Institute for Fiscal Studies predicting that a further 1.1 million children will be living in poverty by 2022 it is extremely disappointing that there has been no indication today of a Government strategy to end child poverty. See what you can do.  

  • Teacher showing a disabled student how to use a tablet
    SEND crisis

    Up to 8,587 children and young people with SEND are currently classed as ‘awaiting provision’ for a school place, and have no access to any type of educational provision at all.

  • Boy sitting on bridge
    Child poverty

    The economic uncertainty of COVID-19 threatens to push thousands more children below the breadline. Now, more than ever the National Education Union will fight to ensure no child is left behind.

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  • Uniting for education

    Local councillors, head teachers, school staff, parents and union organisers unite to stop school cuts. A decent education for our children is not negotiable.

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    Together for education

    Schools have lost out on £5.4 billion since 2015. Ninety-one per cent have had their per pupil funding cut. Colleges have lost out even more.