We’ve done the maths on the Government’s funding announcement — and most schools in England still lose out. 

Despite the Prime Minister’s recent boasts of “levelling up” school funding, it’s now clear that for most schools, the future looks bleak.  

Across England, schools are still in crisis:  

  • 83% of schools still lose out next year because of Government cuts. 
  • The cuts affect children in 147 of 150 local authorities in England. 
  • 16,523 schools will have less money per-pupil in 2020 in real-terms than they had in 2015. 

And the cuts to schools are deeply unfair. 

In secondary schools serving the most deprived intakes, cuts per-pupil average £509 a year.
But in secondary schools with the least deprived intakes they average £117 a year. 
In primary schools serving the most deprived intakes, cuts per-pupil average £382 a year.
But in primary schools with the least deprived intakes they average £125 a year. 

We can’t let up until every school has the money it needs to give every child a decent education  

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After years of campaigning by NEU members alongside school leader unions, cuts campaigners and others, the Government announced extra money for schools. This is a serious victory for all those who have campaigned so hard against school cuts. But while it’s a start, it’s not enough.

  • shifty BJ
    Empty promise Boris

    The prime minister’s funding announcement is not enough to reverse the cuts and fund our schools properly.

  • Teacher showing a disabled student how to use a tablet
    SEND crisis

    Up to 8,587 children and young people with SEND are currently classed as ‘awaiting provision’ for a school place, and have no access to any type of educational provision at all.

  • Press release press release abstract
    School Funding Allocations

    The Government continues to try to pull the wool over the public’s eyes about the reality of school funding. They have to triple count monies to get to their claim that there is £14bn more in schools.

  • Press release press release abstract
    16-19 Funding

    Funding announcement for further education and sixth form colleges is nowhere near to closing the £1.1bn gap.

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  • Uniting for education

    Local councillors, head teachers, school staff, parents and union organisers unite to stop school cuts. A decent education for our children is not negotiable.


Together for Education

We know we can win the funding schools urgently need.

Small and big actions alike are adding up to force the Government to take cuts to education funding seriously.

For parents like Emma, that activism starts at home.

Activism starts at home
Posted by School Cuts on Tuesday 25th June 2019


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