Refugee Week 20-26 June

Refugee Week is an annual festival that brings people together, encourages understanding of refugee experiences and provides a platform for the voices and creative work of people who have sought safety. This year’s theme is ‘healing’. More information and resources are available here. The NEU is proud to support Refugee Week, the International Rescue Committee UK, and Schools of Sanctuary.


The theme is so pertinent this year when so many children and families have fled crises, such as in Afghanistan, Ukraine and Palestine.  We need to redouble efforts to make refugees welcome. As the International Rescue Committee say:

“Crisis and conflict have direct and profound effects on children’s physical safety, well-being and ability to learn. Neuroscience has shown that children who experience the types of adversity common in crisis settings can have a physiological “toxic stress” response that inhibits their brain development, impacting their physical and mental health, cognition, behaviour and relationships. But this can be reversed. Children aåre remarkably resilient. When provided with the right support, such as safe, quality educational opportunities, the negative effects of hardship and stress are mitigated and children can heal, grow, learn and thrive.”

The Government meanwhile have had fumbling policies for Ukraine refugees and are making it more difficult for people to reach safety via punitive immigration law and the policy of one-way tickets to Rwanda. Hostile environment policies continue while institutional racism is denied by the Government’s racial disparity report of 2021.

NEU Resources

Refugee Education Resources

Educate A Child International (ECI): Tech-free, cost-free, low-resource learning materials

The International Rescue Committee 

  • Healing Classrooms -  a refugee support programme. The free Healing Classrooms resources and teacher training programme are available to all schools in England.
  • The IRC also offers a free online teacher training course of 4, 1 hour sessions, t held weekly from Wednesday June 22. The sessions start at 16.00 and will be led by an experienced member of the IRC education team. Along with the sessions your school will also receive a handbook in the post which provides comprehensive information on how to best support refugee students in your school. Contact:

You can sign up to the sessions here.