Want to make your classroom or nursery room more inclusive but not sure where to start? 

Children are such enthusiastic learners. When we are young there is so much to learn and enjoy in books, as well as that unforgettable thrill of realising you can finally make sense of the marks on the page. For parents, carers, teachers and children alike, that is a moment to be remembered forever. Books are a central tool for learning and development, and the books we use in our homes, classrooms and lecture halls send a message to children and young people about who is important in our world, and who isn’t.

Every Child, Every Family is the latest NEU publication as part of the Breaking the Mould series. The publication provides primary and nursery educators with a list of recommended LGBT+ inclusive books with suggested activities and discussion prompts alongside each text.

Schools, nurseries and colleges are valuable community spaces, contributing not just to the lives of the children and young people who attend, but also to the families connected to pupils and in that way, to the whole community. In supporting the development and shaping the learning of children and young people, teachers and support staff have the power to create meaningful change in society, both in the present and the future.

This resource is designed to support teachers and support staff to improve their practice, encouraging them to have different conversations in the classroom and the playground, and ultimately to support the provision of a well-rounded education that prepares children not just to live in a modern world, but prepares them to have an impact on the world around them and to shape the society they are part of. This book is also a useful resource for parents and carers who are key educators of children and young people in this area.

Some of you will already be aware of the books listed in this resource and we hope this inspires you to start new and interesting discussions about these fantastic texts. For some, the books ideas raised in the resource may be new or feel unfamiliar.

Use the guidance here to support you in your practice and engage your colleagues and leaders in discussion around meaningful, safe and inclusive education. We guarantee that the smiles, conversations and insights that come from your pupils as a result of this work will make it worth the effort!