Getting active in your union

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NEU reps and officers describe how and why they became more active in the union.

Representative and officer of the year awards

The Representative and Officer of the year awards are designed to recognise the huge contribution made by NEU representatives and officers at a local level.

The nominations for the 2021/22 representative/ officers are now open. To find out more and nominate, please click the find out more button.

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Steve Sinnott international solidarity award

The Steve Sinnott International Solidarity Award  gives recognition to members who have made exemplary contributions to their school or branch or districts’ work on international solidarity. \

Winner of the Steve Sinnott International Solidarity Award 2021 is Geoffrey Holmes

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Fred and Anne Jarvis award

The Fred and Anne Jarvis award pays tribute to the example and commitment to education shown by previous General Secretary, Fred Jarvis, and his wife, Anne Jarvis, a lifelong NEU member and former chair of the Education Committee for Barnet Council, who died in 2007. Each year since 2008 an annual award has been made to recognise the contribution of an individual, who is external to the Union, who has been involved in campaigning on a national or local educational issue.

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Blair Peach award

The Blair Peach award (BPA) was established in March 2010.  The award is named after the past president of the then National Union of Teachers (NUT), East London, who was murdered during an anti-racist demonstration in Southall, London on 23 April 1979. The Blair Peach award is awarded at Annual Conference to give recognition to members who have made exemplary contributions to their school or branch or district's work on equality and diversity. 

Further information on how to nominate someone for the award and the criteria for nominations can be found by clicking the link below. 

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Nikki Simpson award for learning 

The award will be presented to the NEU union learning rep (ULR) for making a difference and changing people's lives through union learning. The award-winning ULR or team of members will have demonstrated one or more of the following:

  • Used learning as an organising tool to recruit more members and engaged members in the work of the union
  • Supported members and helped them to overcome barriers to learning
  • Negotiated with employers to increase learning opportunities for all education staff

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Annie Higdon award

The Annie Higdon award is given to an NEU member or team of members to acknowledge the work they have done in challenging sexism and building women’s activity in the union. This award is called the Annie Higdon award in honour of one of the leaders of the Burston school strike.

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