Primary school leaders are opposed to government’s roll-out of tests for four-year-olds. 73% believe it is an unfair way to measure schools’ future progress, contradicting schools Minister Nick Gibb who thinks that Baseline is a ‘fair and accurate measure’ for assessing young children. The NEU will support schools who decide not to participate.

Primary school leaders give their verdict on high-pressure testing

Heads and other primary school leaders give their views on standardised testing in primary schools. It’s time to listen to heads and change the way we assess children and judge schools. Watch and share this video.

More than a score

The SATs regime is failing a generation of children. Throughout their primary school education, we put children through a system based on high-stakes testing. But surely learning is about more than getting a perfect score on a test?

NEU is a proud member of More Than A Score, a growing coalition of parents, teachers, heads and education experts, working together to call for change in the government’s over-testing regime. Find out more about More Than a Score.

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YouGov/More Than A Score survey on testing

Commenting on the results of a YouGov survey commissioned by More than a Score, released today, which shows the level of school leaders’ frustrations with the Government’s assessment regime, Dr Mary Bousted, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union, said:

Take action on Baseline now

1. Agree this motion with colleagues

Discuss the motion and members’ views with your headteacher and ask them to make clear that your school will not be participating in the voluntary pilot. They can confirm it here

You can also use the leaflets below to answer colleagues' questions.

Tests imposed on children at the start of their education will impact secondary schools later through league tables based on unsound data. Use this motion in secondary schools to support primary colleagues.

2. Join thousands of others who signed this petition

Baseline testing results are unreliable, as proved in two previous, abandoned trials. At four years old, children are just too young for this kind of high-stakes testing.

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