The NEU is campaigning for a wider vision of education and more holistic forms of pedagogy. We need alternative national policies on assessment and a new approach to education policy - one which involves and builds the capacity of the profession to create a more equitable school system.

Join the NEU campaign to Value Education Value Educators to shape the future of education.

We want to rebuild a school system that supports all students, staff and teachers.

The NEU is working with schools and colleges to share evidence, confidence and ideas about how teaching and learning can be inclusive and anti-racist.  

National NEU Statement about the treatment of student known as Child Q

The NEU is appalled by the findings of the Local Child Safeguarding Practice Review into the treatment of Child Q. Students have a right to be treated respectfully and with dignity at all times and for their wellbeing and safety to be top priority.  

Instead, the report has clearly identified racist treatment and stereotyping of Child Q by the police, as well as misogynistic and humiliating behaviour.

We extend our full sympathy and solidarity to Child Q and her family and echo their calls for this never to happen again.  Black children and young people are 3-4 times more likely to be ​stopped and searched than White children.  

The Government needs to produce revised guidance to all schools. And for that revised guidance to emphasise the importance of; challenging racist and sexist practices in situations such as this, including following safeguarding procedures and good practice, working with students and their families and challenging unacceptable behaviour in such circumstances, whether by other staff, including senior managers, the police or other outside agencies. 

More widely, the governing bodies of all schools and academies must ensure that anti-racist practices are in place, and they clarify safeguarding procedures to staff. 

Anti-racism framework

This framework has been designed to help you explore ideas around race equality and plan how to tackle racism with children, young people and staff.

Resources on race and racism

  • Black History Month image
    Black History Month

    Black History Month (BHM) is held each year in October, to promote the history and contribution that Black communities have made to the UK helping to understand the present through our past.

Black lives matter solidarity

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    Black Lives Matter

    Urgent action is needed to address widespread stereotyping, discrimination and the fear and violence caused by racism.

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    NEU statement on the killing of George Floyd

    The NEU sends its solidarity to the family and friends mourning George Floyd. We condemn the systemic racism that caused George's death and we support the urgent demands for justice for George Floyd, for his family and his community.

Commemoration Days

  • Blog Windrush
    The Empire Windrush

    22 June 1948 ‘Citizens of the British empire’. Britain’s schizophrenic approach to migrants continues to this day. Rodeane Henry-Grant on Windrush.

  • Blog statue of Martin Luther King
    Racism and poverty

    On Martin Luther King Day, the NEU wants to make the links between poverty and racism better understood.

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    Holocaust Memorial Day

    27 January is Holocaust Memorial Day. These resources are to support teachers and learners in finding out more about why this day is so important.

  • Anti-racism charter graphic banner Advice
    Decolonising education

    Rebuilding a school system that supports all students, staff and teachers and is responsive to the particular needs of each and every child.