Hotel bills for executive members and all members of the conference committee:

  • Executive members who have requested their hotel be booked by the central events team need do nothing, the bills will be settled centrally
  • Confirmation of what’s been booked will be sent to all exec members whose hotels have been booked centrally for them to check. This will be sent by the end of next week
  • Districts who have arranged accommodation for executive members or members of the conference committee should invoice the central events team for bed and breakfast costs only; please send invoices to David Kimber

 Hotel bills:

We are aware these NEU districts have booked hotels for some or all their ATL delegates:

  • Bexley; Bolton; County Durham; Cumbria; Dudley; Gloucestershire; Hertfordshire; Isle of Man; North Yorkshire; Portsmouth; South Tyneside; St Helens; Stoke on Trent; Swansea; Warrington; Wigan
  • If you have booked rooms for any ATL delegates and your district isn’t listed, please get in touch with David Kimber urgently to ensure we don’t double book for anyone. Please do this by Wednesday 20 March or it will be too late
  • All delegates’ hotel bills will be paid by NEU districts
  • Invoices for ATL delegates’ hotels will initially be paid centrally and the costs taken from districts’ subscription payments

Districts will be sent, in advance of conference, a list of delegates they will be paying for and the total figure that will be deducted. Where legacy democratic units are not coterminous with NEU districts and local officers are concerned about differential costs please contact David Kimber to discuss.

Conference grant:

  • There will be no central grant paid to districts for delegates attending conference

Expenses for executive members and all members of the conference committee:

  • These will be settled centrally. An expenses form will be emailed to all
  • Please see below for what can be claimed

Expenses for all other delegates (ATL and NUT):

  • These will be paid by the NEU district the delegate is now a member of
  • See below for details of what should be claimed for and paid

Acceptable expense claims:


  • Standard class train journeys can be claimed with receipts which show the amount paid and the class of ticket
  • Whilst the union would prefer delegates to travel by public transport, mileage can be claimed at 45p per mile. The start-point of the journey, including postcode must be specified


  • Where breakfast is included in the hotel rate, this cannot be claimed
  • Alcohol can only be claimed with evening meals. (Alcohol is not deemed to be subsistence by HMRC unless purchased with a meal.  A guide provided by HMRC as reasonable equates to a couple of alcoholic drinks per person)
  • These are the maximums that can be claimed. Receipts are required for all claims

Breakfast                            £7.60

Lunch                                  £10.70

Dinner                                 £30