Conference will start promptly on Monday 6 April, so it is assumed most delegates will travel to Bournemouth on Sunday 5 April.

Conference motions

Motions for Annual Conference 2020 should be submitted on Form C.02 by midnight, 3rd December 2019. Local Districts are invited to submit up to 6 original motions each.  

A copy of the circular outlining the processes for writing and submitting motions as well as including the Form C.01 can be downloaded here.

If you have any doubts about the content of motions please e-mail:

District delegations

The number of delegates districts are entitled to send to Conference will be calculated in September and District Secretaries informed.

District secretaries are reminded of the rule changes agreed at Conference 2019 which state that the local district should ensure all members of the district eligible to be a member of conference should be notified of the process and if the relevant general meeting is not quorate the election of local district members of annual conference should be undertaken by a membership ballot.

District Secretaries are reminded of the requirements in rule 14.2.6 for reserved places in their delegations for ATL and NUT legacy members. This provides that a certain number of places are reserved for legacy section members, according to the size of the delegation and the scale set out in rule 14.2.6. 

The membership database ‘Full Membership List’ report includes legacy information so that you will be able to identify the relevant legacy section to which members belonged.     As you will be aware, NEU members who joined after 1 September 2017 are members of both sections by rule, and so can be considered as coming from either section.

If the District is unable to fulfil the requirement for the reserved legacy delegate(s) then the place is lost, and the delegation reduced accordingly.  Form C.01 will be checked against the membership database to ensure this requirement is met.

Secretaries should also bear in mind rule 14.2.2 which states that Delegations should include at least one representative from any sector that has more than 250 members within that District.

District Secretaries can use Form C.01 to advise the Union of their delegations to Annual Conference 2020.  The deadline for receipt of Conference Delegates is at Midnight Friday 10 February 2020.

Conference business diary

3 December 2019

Last date for conference motions to be received

(Send to:

6-12 December 2019

Five-day district consultation period for composite motions

7 January 2020

Original motions (including standing orders) will be sent by post to district and branch secretaries by this date

Midnight 10 February 2020

Closing date for priority voting on conference motions

Deadline for notification of representatives to conference

Deadline for observer applications

Deadline for Conference Committee nominations

12 February 2020

Links to the following will be emailed to delegates:

  • Executive Report
  • 2019 conference minutes
  • Union accounts
  • 2020 motions

Midnight 9 March 2020

Closing date for:

  • Receipt of amendments to original motions
  • Executive Report
  • Standing orders

23 March

The following to be posted to delegates:

  • Conference agenda
  • Credentials (name badge)
  • Voting card and ballot paper for Conference Committee election)

30 March

  • Deadline for receipt of questions to the Treasurer on the union accounts

Hotel accommodation

The Business Events Bournemouth partnership has set up a website to help districts with accommodation booking. They will be happy to help with any hotel queries.

If you’d like to have an exhibition stand at Annual Conference

Annual Conference is the perfect event for organisations to meet professionals from the education sector. More than 1200 NEU members will be together in Bournemouth this April for the biggest event in the union’s calendar.

If you’d like to have an exhibition space, please complete this form and you will be contacted with more details in the next few weeks.

Please note, spaces are limited and a small charge may apply to cover the union’s costs.