Conference will start promptly on Monday 6 April, so it is assumed most delegates will travel to Bournemouth on Sunday 5 April.

Conference Amendments

The Prioritised Motions Booklet for Annual Conference has been circulated to all delegates. It contains motions prioritised by Districts which will appear in the Conference Agenda.

The Executive Report 2019, Union Accounts 2019, and Report of Conference 2019 have also been circulated.  Also available is the full Priority Voting Results.

Amendments which have been approved by a quorate meeting of the District may now be submitted using the relevant form: Form C.06 for Motions, Form C.07 for Standing Orders/Report of the Executive.

Please remember the deadline for submitting amendments is Midnight, 9th March 2020.

District delegations

The deadline for registration of District delegates and observers has now passed.

Delegate credentials

All delegates and observers will need a standard, recent passport sized photo for their name badge. These must be brought to Bournemouth; there will be no NEU facilities for photographs at the venue.

The stewards will not allow anyone without a photo badge to enter the auditorium.

If a badge is lost a spare will be given, but another photo will need to be provided (you might want to bring two!).

Conference Committee Election

Nominations for the Conference Committee have now closed. Ballot papers and biographical details for candidates will be circulated to delegates on 23 March 2020. The election will take place at Conference.

Conference business diary

3 December 2019

Last date for conference motions to be received

(Send to:

6-12 December 2019

Five-day district consultation period for composite motions

7 January 2020

Original motions (including standing orders) will be sent by post to district and branch secretaries by this date

Midnight 10 February 2020

Closing date for priority voting on conference motions

Deadline for notification of representatives to conference

Deadline for observer applications

Deadline for Conference Committee nominations

12 February 2020

Links to the following will be emailed to delegates:

  • Executive Report
  • 2019 conference minutes
  • Union accounts
  • 2020 motions

Midnight 9 March 2020

Closing date for:

  • Receipt of amendments to original motions
  • Executive Report
  • Standing orders

23 March

The following to be posted to delegates:

  • Conference agenda
  • Credentials (name badge)
  • Voting card and ballot paper for Conference Committee election)

30 March

  • Deadline for receipt of questions to the Treasurer on the union accounts

Hotel accommodation

The Business Events Bournemouth partnership has set up a website to help districts with accommodation booking. They will be happy to help with any hotel queries.

Travelling to Bournemouth

Wherever possible, delegates are encouraged to use public transport to travel to conference, rather than drive.


The crèche at annual conference will be run, as in previous years, by Nipperbout,

Please fill in this short survey in order to register your interest for the crèche.

Please do not regard this survey as confirmation that you have a place at the crèche.

Please contact Kat Griffin if you have any questions.

Conference church service

There will be a conference church service, held at St Peter’s Church in Bournemouth. The service will be held on Sunday 5 April at 6.30pm. Full details here.

If you’d like to have an exhibition stand at Annual Conference

Annual Conference is the perfect event for organisations to meet professionals from the education sector. More than 1200 NEU members will be together in Bournemouth this April for the biggest event in the union’s calendar.

If you’d like to have an exhibition space, please complete this form and you will be contacted with more details in the next few weeks.

Please note, spaces are limited and a small charge may apply to cover the union’s costs.