The National Education Union continues to work for change at a national level, putting pressure on the Government. But many NEU workplace groups in sixth form colleges have already secured improvements at college level by working together in tackling workload and work-life balance with great success.

This toolkit gives you advice on identifying problems and planning for the best ways of successfully securing change. You can use these methods to tackle other issues in your workplace as well.

You and your colleagues are best placed to know the problems and solutions for your college. Successful action starts by identifying and prioritising the main problems and considering solutions together.

Once you have done that, the next step is to seek to work together, across the whole workplace, with staff and leaders working collaboratively to secure change.

If this collaborative approach doesn’t succeed, the National Education Union will support members to ballot for industrial action in order to resolve matters.

This toolkit includes advice on the most common areas of concern with regard to workload, how to resolve them collaboratively, and how you can take part in action on those areas if that becomes necessary to secure change.

Sixth form college
Tackling workload in sixth form colleges

Use this guide to take action on workload in your sixth form college today. 

The NJC for Sixth Form Colleges has published nationally agreed joint guidance on work life balance and on workload and working time for teaching staff, both of which form part of the Red Book national agreement for teachers in sixth form colleges (Appendices 6 and 9).